13 November Wordle answer 512

Wordl is back with another mysterious five-letter word. Players only have six tries to get it right, so they might need a little help to go through with a win and no loss today Wordl winning streaks.

How to play Wordle

Wordl is a simple word guessing game in which players are faced with a mysterious word every day. Although the game is fairly simple, new players must first learn the rules to get started.

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First visit the New York Times Games website or the New York Times Crossword app to play Wordl. Next, players must choose a good starting word; This word must be five letters long, a real English word, and should contain several letters in common. Type this into the site and press Enter. This will cause the letters to change color.


  • Letters that turn green are correct and in the right place.
  • Letters that turn gray are wrong and do not belong to the last word of the day.
  • Yellow letters are correct but in the wrong place in the word.

Given these clues, players have five more tries to get to the answer of the day. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time. Since there’s only one puzzle for everyone per day, be sure to use the spoiler-free share button to share your boards on social media. This will keep players from spoiling the word for others who still haven’t gotten around to playing this Wordl that day for yourself.

Notes for the Wordle 512 for November 13, 2022

Today’s Wordl word is a challenge. For those who just want a tip, here’s a little help. You need the full spoiler? Scroll further down to the next section.

Answer for Wordle 512 for November 13, 2022

If gamers are looking for it spoil them Wordl for themselves today, they can check below the picture. The answer is there.

Wordle steam boots

The answer to Wordl Puzzle 512 is SILLY.

Wordl is available for every browser.

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