1945 Air Forces 9.59 Apk Mod

1945 Air Force: Airplane games Mod Apk – You will take control of a warplane to fly on the battlefield of 1945 Air Force-Airplane Shooting Games. This thrilling combat flight action video game lets you play as a leader in an elite unit of the airforce and engage in solo and team warfare.

1945 Air Force: Airplane games Mod Apk

New Airplanes

You will fight on the most famous historical airplanes from classic fighters to light and heavy bombers like Grumman F6F Hellcat Lockheed P-38 Lightning Su-5 P-51 P-36 Hawk Schwalbe and Swallow Mitsubishi A6M Zero B-17 Flying Fortress… to modern generation military aircraft.

It is approaching. The enemy is coming! Spread your steel wings and take control of the skies!


More than 30 WWII Battle Zones.

Over 350 challenging campaigns

Over 30 historic planes of the USA Great Britain USSR Germany, and Japan Air Forces… you can customize them to make your super planes.

You can shoot challenging arcade games for free, with additional modes available from Bombarding Bosses to Protect Stealth or Assault.

Daily Rewards: Get daily rewards and free prizes by playing every day! You can upgrade your gear by completing daily tasks!

High quality graphics, amazing lighting effects and crisp graphics

– Division (Clan). You can easily join forces with other Division Agents in order to defeat more difficult enemies.

Online shooting games – Play with your friends and create your squadron to mark your place on the leaderboard.

Download 1945 Air Force: Airplane games Mod Apk

– Online and offline modes

Simulator Games – You can simulate many historical planes.

This game was specially designed to be compatible with both weaker and stronger devices.

Do not allow the enemy to conquer your world.

Get your planes ready and get out there!

Bravo Hero, good luck!

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