50 Best Romantic Comedies Movies Of All Time

If you’re on the lookout for some of the greatest rom-com movies to watch, or if you’ve been enjoying your current favorites, we’ve got you covered! Look no further. These rom-com movies are a popular genre that never fades, and I believe this list of 50 best rom-com has something for everyone!

Whatever type of rom-com floats your boat, but these will push you to grab your remote and start watching out because these will never go out of style whether you have cravings for a romantic and fun night with your partner or have the urge to entertain yourself on the day of the rainy season. These films are definitely to befuddle and charm you.

Some timeless favorites include “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” which has earned its status as one of the most beloved rom-com of all time. This film perfectly captures the awkwardness of modern dating with its engaging characters and brilliant performances. Another one is “Love Actually” and many more in this list of 50 best rom-com of all time.

On the other hand, if you feel like getting a little weird, try watching ‘The Half Of It’ (2020). Last but not least, no list of rom-com would be complete without mentioning ‘After’ (2019), featuring arguably one of Hollywood’s greatest-ever performances from Jennifer Langford.

More recently released “Persuasion,” “Marry me,” and “Crazy Rich Asians.” From the heart- wrenching dramas to lighthearted comedies, for example, “Love Actually” is also one of the charming British romantic comedy dramas about many intersecting love tales. Plenty of the best movies come into the Rom-com category, and we have compiled them to help you out.

List Of 50 Best Rom-Com Movies of All Time

We’ve ordered our list of the 50 Best rom-com movies of all time. From Iconic and classic films like “Four Weddings and A Funeral” to newer movies like “It’s Complicated,” “Emma,” “The Proposal,” and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start streaming your favorite romantic comedy movie with a large bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, coffee, or anything you want; sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Best romantic comedies of all time- OtakuKart

Best romantic comedies of all time Credits: Instagram

1. Persuasion (2022)

Storyline:  The whole story of this movie revolves around a second chance after eight years of love and romance between the two, i.e., Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth. Before eight years, Annie was persuaded not to marry but later, both united. Annie is stuck on what to choose, whether leaving behind her past events or listening to her heart when they both crash back into each other’s life.

Persuasion - Otakukart

Persuasion (2022) Credit: Instagram

“If you are a hard fan of Cosmo Jarvis and Dakota Johnson, then you must watch this rom-com movie to enjoy their love life and to know how they reunite after so many ups and downs.”

  • Cast: Annie Elliot, played by Dakota Johnson, Captain Frederick Wentworth, played by Cosmo Jarvis; William Elliot, played by Henry Golding
  • Directed by: Carrie Cracknell
  • Based on the Novel: “Persuasion” written by Jane Austen
  • Released on: 8 July 2022

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2. Marry Me (2022)

Storyline: Marry Me is an American romantic comedy that tells the story of a Pop celebrity Kat Valdez who is going to be married to her fiancé in front of her loving fans. Unluckily, she gets to know the truth about her fiancé that he is cheating on her, which breaks her heart and leads to a meltdown before her audience on the stage.

Marry Me- Otakukart

Marry Me (2022) Credit: Instagram

Heartbroken, Kate chooses a man in the crowd and decides to marry a stranger on the spot. Many circumstances happen to separate the newlyweds, but later they find their love in each other’s company and decide to live together.

  • Cast: Kat Valdez is played by Jennifer Lopez, Bastian is played by Maluma, Charlie Gilbert is played by Owen Wilson
  • Directed by: Kat Coiro
  • Released on: 11 February 2022

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3. Emma (2020)

Storyline: A wealthy and elegant but rude young woman Emma Woodhouse is a confessed matchmaker who interferes in the love lives of her family and friends. She lives with her father alone in regency-era England. She loves to meddle in the love lives of others which also leads her to find love. Her wrong matches lead her to fall in love with George Knightley.

Emma- Otakukart

Emma 2020 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast:  George Knightley, played by Johnny Flynn, and Harriet Smith, played by Mia Goth          
  • Directed by: Autumn de Wilde.
  • Released on: 14 February 2020

4. The Half Of It (2020)

Storyline: This movie tells the story of a Chinese- American Student who is unsure of whether she will leave her home to study or help her dad with his chores. As she makes money by writing homework papers for her students, and Paul is one of them once, he asks her to write a love letter to Aster as she is the girl at his school. 

The Half Of It (2020)- Otakukart

The Half Of It (2020). Credit: Instagram

She denies doing so but later agrees to get money to run her house. She finds her interest in her too. Later, things between Paul and Ellie get messy, and their closeness increases. Aster bonded with Trig and decided to marry soon.

  • Cast: Ellie Chu, played by Leah Lewis, Paul Munsky, played by Daniel Diemer, Aster Flores, played by Alexxis Lemire, Trig Carson, played by Wolfgang Novogratz
  • Directed by: Alice Wu, Romantic comedy drama.
  • Released on: 1 May 2020

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5. After (2019)

Storyline: This movie shows an abusive relationship. A determined and loyal girl Tessa Young had a guarded world when she was in high school, but the options widen up when she goes to college and meets Hardin Scott.

After- Otakukart

After (2019) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford; Hardin Scott, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Carol Young, played by Selma Blair
  • Directed by: Jenny Gage
  • Based on the Novel: “Anny” written by Anna Todd
  • Released on: 8 April 2019

6. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Storyline: Sasha and Marcus both have had feelings for each other since childhood but do not speak for 15 years. They both reunite in San Francisco and develop feelings that show the old sparks are still there between the two. 


Always Be My Maybe (2019) Credit: NPR

  • Cast: Sasha Tran, played by Ali Wrong; Marcus Kim, played by Randall Park, Harry Kim, played by James Saito, Veronica played by Michelle Buteau
  • Directed by: Nahnatchka Khan
  • Released on: 29 May 2019

7. Good Sam (2019)

Storyline: Good Sam is an American- Canadian rom-com movie. This entire story revolves around Kate, who is a TV reporter for Channel 12, as she looks for a guy who secretly leaves cash on the doorstep in New York City.

Good Sam- OtakuKart

Good Sam 2019. Credit: Facebook

  • Cast: Kate Bradley, played by Tiya Sircar; Eric Hayes, played by Chad Connell, Jack Hansen, played by Marco Grazzini, Josh played by Jesse Camacho, Hostess played by Brittany Drisdelle       
  • Directed by: Kate Melville
  • Released on: 16 May 2019

8. Last Christmas (2019)

Storyline: Kate, who is an aspiring singer, works as an elf in London; nothing seems to be happening right in her life. But things become better when she meets a handsome, charming boy Tom. Later, they both fall for each other and spend a wonderful time of the year in the city.

Last Christmas- Otakukart

Last Christmas 2019 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Kate Andrich, played by Emilia Clarke; Tom Webster, played by Henry Golding; Petra Andrich, played by Emma Thompson, Santa played by Michelle Yeoh 
  • Directed by: Paul Feig
  • Released on: 27 November 2019

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9. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Storyline: A high school girl Lana Jean writes love letters to her exes and keeps them in a hatbox that her mother offered. One for every single guy whom she loved before, and she writes everything openly by heart in those love letters, which maybe she cannot say in her real life as those letters belong to her only. One day her love letters are mailed, and her love life turns out of her control when she confronts them one after another. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2018- Otakukart

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2018 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor, Peter played by Noah Centineo, Margot played by Janel Parrish, Kitty played by Anna Cathcart
  • Directed by: Susan Johnson
  • Released on: 17 August 2018

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10. Every Day (2018)

Storyline: This story is about a 16-year-old girl Rhiannon who falls in love with a mysterious spirit named A, who forms in a different body every day. She got a feeling of having the wrong connection, so they both tried to meet daily. Immediately, realizes the truth of loving a person who is completely different every hour of the day. They both had to face the most challenging part of their lives.

Every Day 2018- Otakukart

Every Day 2018 Credit: Twitter

  • Cast: Rhiannon, played by Angourie Rice, Justin played by Justice Smith, Nathan played by Lucas Jade Zumann, Lindsey played by Maria Bello
  • Directed by: Michael Sucsy
  • Based on the Novel: “Everyday” written by David Levithan
  • Released on: 23 February 2018

11. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

Storyline: Sophie, who is the daughter of Donna and expecting her child thinks of reopening her mother’s hotel named Bells Donna. At the same time, Sophie is unable to prepare for the grand reopening and finds herself in a Dilemma that leads her to take help from three possible dads of her. Meanwhile, she learns about her mother’s past. Soon she discovers herself more like her mother. 

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 2018- Otakukart

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 2018 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Sophie Sheridan played by Amanda Seyfried; Donna Sheridan played by Meryl Streep, Sky Ramand, played by Dominic Cooper, Tanya Chesham- Leigh played by Christine Baranski; Sam Carmichael, played by Pierce Brosnan
  • Directed by: Ol Parker
  • Based on the Musical: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
  • Released on: 3 August 2018

12. A Star Is Born (2018)

Storyline: A great musician Jackson Maine falls in love with a struggling artist, Ally, who is giving up while struggling. But when she meets Jackson, she dreams big as a singer as Jackson supports her in building a career in singing. On the other hand, Jackson is also fighting with his internal devil.

A Star Is Born 2018- Otakukart

A Star Is Born 2018 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper, Ally Maine, played by Lady Gaga, Bobby Maine, played by Sam Elliott; Rez Gavron, played by Rafi Gavron
  • Directed by: Bradley Cooper
  • Released on: 12 October 2018

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13. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Storyline: Rachel Chu meets her longtime boyfriend, Nick, in Singapore at his friend’s wedding. She learns about her boyfriend’s family, who is wealthy. He is one of the richest bachelors in the country. She is incomparable with him and tolerates criticism also fights to make their relationship official.

Crazy Rich Asians 2018- Otakukart

Crazy Rich Asians 2018 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, Nick played by Henry Golding, Goh Peik Lin, played by Awkwafina
  • Directed by: Jon M. Chu
  • Based on the Novel: “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan
  • Released on: 13 September 2018

14. The Big Sick (2017)

Storyline: In a Stand- up comedy show, a Pakistani comic, Kumail, meets an American graduate, Emily. Both fall in love with each other. But he worried about his relationship as he was Muslim. Later many circumstances take place to make their bond strong and flourish their relationship.

The Big Sick 2017- Otakukart

The Big Sick 2017 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Kumail Nanjiani as Kumail, Zoe Kazan as Emily Gardner
  • Directed by: Michael Showalter
  • Released on: 14 July 2017

15. Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Storyline: Bridget breaks up with Mark and finds another handsome man Jack. After a few days, she learns about her health and finds herself pregnant, but she doesn’t know the real father of her baby.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)- Otakukart

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) Credit: Instagram

16. Aloha (2015)

Storyline: A military man named Brian is assigned to help Allison but unfortunately falls in love with her in Hawaii, where he also meets his ex-girlfriend.

Aloha (2015)- Otakukart

Aloha (2015). Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Bradley Cooper as Brian Gilcrest, Emma Stone as Captain Allison
  • Directed by: Cameron Crowe
  • Released on: 29 May 2015

17. Love, Rosie (2014)

Storyline: When Alex and his family move from Dublin To America, the best friends since childhood Rosie and Alex separate. Soon they realize they are made for each other and consider themselves a loving couple.

Love, Rosie, (2014)- Otakukart

Love, Rosie (2014). Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Rosie Dunne, played by Lily Collins; Alex Stewart, played by Sam Claflin; Sally, played by Tamsin Egerton
  • Directed by: Christian Ditter
  • Released on: 24 October 2014

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18. About Time (2013)

Storyline: Tim can travel through time; this secret of his family was told by his father. But unable to correct his family history, later, he uses his power to get his girlfriend and to improve his love life.

About Time (2013)- Otakukart

About Time (2013) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Domhnall Gleeson as Tim Lake, Rachel Mc Adams as Mary
  • Directed by: Richard Curtis
  • Released on: 8 August 2013

19. Think Like A Man (2012)

Storyline: The four friends, Dominic, Jeremy, Michael, and Zeke, teach lessons to their ladies. Their women buy a book and start to apply it in their relationships.

Think like a man (2012)- Otakukart

Think like a man (2012) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Cedric, played by Kevin Hart Dominic, played by Michael Ealy 
  • Directed by: Tim Story
  • Released on: 23 March 2012

20. The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

Storyline: This rom-com drama tells the story of Tom and Violet’s first meeting. After one year, they get engaged, but their wedding gets to be delayed to keep their jobs safe and push them to rethink their choices.

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)- Otakukart

The Five-Year Engagement (2012) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Tom Soloman, played by Jason Segel; Violet Barnes, played by Emily Blunt 
  • Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
  • Released on: 27 April 2012

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21. Midnight In Paris (2011)

Storyline: A novelist, Gill, goes on vacation with his fiancée and her family in Paris. But he meets a stranger group and is attracted by the city, which takes him away from his present and his fiancée towards the past.

Midnight In Paris (2011)- Otakukart

Midnight In Paris (2011) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Owen Wilson as Gill, Racheal McAdams as Inez, Marion Cotillard as Adriana
  • Directed by: Woody Allen
  • Released on: 13 May 2011

22. Friends With Benefits (2011)

Storyline: A New York headhunter, Jamie, befriended Dylan, who gets to take a job at GQ. They both decide not to look for true love and completely focus on adding some romance and sex in their lives.

Friends With Benefits (2011)- Otakukart

Friends With Benefits (2011) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Dylan, played by Justin Timberlake, Jamie played by Mila Kunis, Lorna played by Patricia Clarkson
  • Directed by: Will Gluck
  • Released on: 9 September 2011

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23. When In Rome (2010)

Storyline: An art curator Beth attends the wedding of her cousin in Rome, where she gets lots of fans and finds herself seized by followers. She falls in love with Nicholas in Rome.

When In Rome (2010)- Otakukart

When In Rome (2010) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Kristen Bell as Elizabeth, Josh Duhamel as Nick Beamon
  • Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson
  • Released on: 29 January 2010

24. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Storyline: Elizabeth Gilbert divorced her husband, and her life fades after getting a divorce. Later she tries to step out of her comfort zone and decides to travel across the world to find her inner self.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)- Otakukart

Eat, Pray, Love (2010) Credit: Instagram.

  • Cast: Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, James Franco as David Piccolo
  • Directed by: Ryan Murphy
  • Released on: 13 August 2010 

25. It’s Complicated (2009)

Storyline: A Divorcee, Jane, meets her ex-husband when organizing a ceremony after the completion of her son’s graduation. Problems have arisen since they divorced, and they started to love each other again and remarried after some time.

It’s Complicated (2009)- Otakukart

It’s Complicated (2009) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Meryl Streep as Jane, Alec Baldwin as Jake
  • Directed by: Nancy Meyers 
  • Released on: 25 December 2009

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26. He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

Storyline: This rom-com drama shows how one does to keep one’s love life alive; similarly, the men and women in Baltimore try to keep their love alive. They have broken hearts and now want to deal with the things that create mishaps in the relationship to protect their love of life.

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)- Otakukart

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Beth, played by Jennifer Aniston, Ben played by Bradley Cooper, Gigi played by Ginnifer Goodwin, Anna played by Scarlett Johansson
  • Directed by: Ken Kwapis
  • Released on: 6 February 2009

27. The Ugly Truth (2009)

Storyline: A lovesick TV producer Abby wants to meet her soulmate but is still single. Her constant search for the perfect mate brings her to meet Mike, a TV celebrity who can prove the love relationships theories.

The Ugly Truth (2009)- Otakukart

The Ugly Truth (2009) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Abby, played by Katherine Heigl, Mike played by Gerard Butler, Colin played by Eric Winter, Georgia played by Cheryl Hines
  • Directed by: Robert Luketic
  • Released on: 16 July 2009

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28. The Proposal (2009)

Storyline: Margaret, a high-powered New York editor, finds herself in the midst at the time of deportation, then tries to propose to her assistant Andrew to marry her and will give a promotion in return. Soon, they both changes and fall in love with each other when she visits his hometown, which changes her completely. 

The Proposal (2009)- Otakukart

The Proposal (2009) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Margaret, played by Sandra Bullock, Andrew played by Ryan Reynolds; Grandma Annie, played by Betty White 
  • Directed by: Anne Fletcher           
  • Released on: 19 June 2009

29. Definitely, maybe (2008)

Storyline: A 30-year-old father, Will Hayes, amid his divorce, his daughter questions him about his life before his marriage which leads him back to the days of his love in 1992, and he starts to recollect all his memories and past events.

Definitely maybe 2008- Otakukart

Definitely, Maybe 2008 Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Will Hayes, played by Ryan Reynolds, April played by Isla Fisher, Maya Played by Abigail Breslin, Summer played by Rachel Weisz
  • Directed by: Adam Brooks             
  • Released on: 8 February 2008

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30. 27 Dresses (2008)

Storyline: Jane has become 27 times a bridesmaid. But she shocks when her younger sister Tess announces her wedding to the same man whom Jane secretly loves. Later a handsome and charming reporter, Kevin, falls in love with her.

27 Dresses (2008)- Otakukart

27 Dresses (2008) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Jane’s role is depicted by Katherine Heigl, Tess’s role is depicted by Malin Akerman, Kevin’s role is depicted by James Marsden, George’s role is depicted by Edward Burns
  • Directed by: Anne Fletcher           
  • Released on: 9 January 2008

31. PS I Love You (2007)

Storyline: Holly Kennedy lost the love of her life after the death of her husband, Gerry, because of illness. Gerry plans for her wife before dying, which she receives on her 30th birthday, and motivates her to live a new life by moving forward.

P.S. I Love You (2007)- Otakukart

PS I Love You (2007) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Holly’s Husband role played by Gerard Butler, Holly role played by Hilary Swank
  • Directed by: Richard LaGravenese
  • Released on: 21 December 2007

32. Knocked Up (2007)

Storyline: A pair of Jobless men, Ben, and a TV Host, Alison, had a one-night stand. Soon Alison gets to know that she is pregnant, and the father of her baby is Ben. But he is not ready to be a parent, and they decide to make an appropriate decision.

Knocked Up (2007) Otakukart

Knocked Up (2007) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Ben, played by Seth Roge; Alison Scott, played by Katherine Heigl
  • Directed by: Judd Apatow
  • Released on: 1 June 2007

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33. Juno (2007)

Storyline: A teenager Juno MacGuff is expecting a baby but doesn’t know the father of her unborn. So, she decides to give her unborn child to a happy couple. Later, the prospective father of the unborn accepts Juno and is ready to marry and adopt the child.

Juno (2007)- Otakukart

Juno (2007) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Juno Macguff, played by Elliot Page
  • Directed by: Jason Reitman
  • Released on: 25 December 2007

34. Failure To Launch (2006)

Storyline: Al and Sue couple try to get their 35 years old middle-aged son Tripp out of the house but fail. Soon they hire an expert Paula, and later she gets to know that this client of hers is different from her other clients.

Failure to Launch (2006)- Otakukart

Failure to Launch (2006) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Matthew as Tripp, Terry Bradshaw as Al, Kathy Bates as Sue, Sarah Jessica as Paula
  • Directed by: Tom Dey
  • Released on: 10 March 2006

35. She’s The Man (2006)

Storyline: Viola is not allowed to play in the boys’ team in a football tournament, so she decides to disguise herself as her brother and enters the team. Later she falls in love with her roommate Duke who has his girlfriend, Olivia. Things get revealed when her twin brother returns from London and joins the team.

She’s The Man (2006)- Otakukart

She’s The Man (2006) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Duke, played by Channing Tatum, Viola played by Amanda Bynes, Olivia played by Laura Ramsey
  • Directed by: Andy Fickman
  • Released on: 17 March 2006

36. Just likeLikeven (2005)

Storyline: Just to find the truth about the spirits, David brings a new apartment and moves in where he finds the previous tenant’s spirit and assists her in recollecting all memories of her life or asks her to leave the apartment.

Just like Heaven (2005)- Otakukart

Just like Heaven (2005) Credit: Twitter

  • Cast: David Abbott, played by Mark Ruffalo, Elizabeth played by Reese Witherspoon
  • Directed by: Mark Waters
  • Released on: 16 September 2005

37. Just Friends (2005)

Storyline: An overweight man Chris transforms completely and gets success in his life. His school crush Jamie rejected him when he proposed to her in his school days. Later, she came back after his success.

Just Friends (2005)- Otakukart

Just Friends (2005) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Chris, played by Ryan Reynolds, Jamie played by Amy Smart
  • Directed by: Roger Kumble
  • Released on: 23 November 2005

38. 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Storyline: A forty-year-old virgin Andy is an employee at an electronics store and happily living his life. Later, his friends who work at the same store get to know about this. They assist in making him involved in sex to lose his virginity.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)- Otakukart

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Andy, played by Steve Carell
  • Directed by: Judd Apatow
  • Released on: 11 August 2005 

39. 13 Going On 30 (2004)

Storyline: It is a story of a 13-year-old girl Jenna, whose wish on her birthday comes true. After waking up the next morning, she finds herself as a 30-year-old woman. 

13 Going On 30 (2004)- Otakukart

13 Going On 30 (2004) Credit: Twitter

  • Cast: Jenna Rink, played by Jennifer Garner
  • Directed by: Gary Winick
  • Released on: 23 April 2004

40. 50 First Dates (2004)

Storyline: Lucy is suffering from short-term memory loss, and a Vet, Henry, falls in love with her. But due to her memory loss, she never recognizes him and their meetings. To make her remember everything, Henry romances her every day.

50 First Dates (2004)- Otakukart

50 First Dates (2004) Credit: Instagram

41. Intolerable Cruelty (2003)

Storyline: It is a story of a high-profile divorce lawyer Miles Massey and his client’s ex-wife Marilyn. Miles beguiles towards Marilyn. Things get change which makes Marilyn take revenge against her husband and the lawyer Miles.

Intolerable Cruelty (2003)- Otakukart

Intolerable Cruelty (2003) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Marilyn, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Miles Massey, played by George Clooney
  • Directed by: Ethan Coen
  • Released on: 10 October 2003

42. Down With Love (2003)

Storyline: Writer Barbara Novak thinks that women do not need men to let them be happy; they can do it all on their own. Later, she falls in love with a guy named Catcher Block, a journalist. He tries to seduce her.

Down With Love (2003)- Otakukart

Down With Love (2003) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Catcher Block, played by Ewan McGregor, Barbara Novak, played by Renee Zellweger
  • Directed by: Payton Reed
  • Released on: 9 May 2003

43. Love Actually (2003)

Storyline: Couples try to get well with their relationship and deal in different ways. They realized later how complicated the relationships are. 

Love Actually (2003)- Otakukart

Love Actually (2003) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Harry, played by Alan Rickman, Karen played by Emma Thompson, David played by Hugh Grant, Juliet played by Keira Knightley 
  • Directed by: Richard Curtis 
  • Released on: 6 November 2003

44. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)

Storyline: Andie has to write an article on how to lose a man in 10 days, whereas Benjamin is the guy who is to be challenged by his colleagues to make a woman love him insanely. Later, they both find themselves love couple.

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days (2003)- Otakukart

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days (2003) Credit: Instagram

45. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Storyline: It is a story of a Greek Woman, Toula, who tries to convince her family when she falls in love with a man who is not from her culture, a non-Greek man. Both try to convince their family for their Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)- Otakukart

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Ian, played by John Corbett, Toula played by Nia Vardalos
  • Directed by: Joel Zwick
  • Released on: 2 August 2002

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46. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Storyline: Melanie tied the knot with her lover Jake in her school days and denies divorcing her, which haunts her continuously when she is getting engaged to the most eligible guy in her city. 

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)- Otakukart

Sweet Home Alabama (2002) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Melanie, played by Reese Witherspoon, Andrew played by Patrick Dempsey, Jake played by Josh Lucas
  • Directed by: Andy Tennant
  • Released on: 27 September 2002

47. The Wedding Planner (2001)

Storyline: A wedding planner Mary Fiore falls in love with a handsome and charming man named Steve Edison. After seeing him, she thinks she has found the love of her life. Soon she gets to know he is the finance of one of her clients. 

The Wedding Planner (2001)- Otakukart

The Wedding Planner (2001) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast:  Mary Fiore, played by Jennifer Lopez, Steve Edison, played by Matthew McConaughey
  • Directed by: Adam Shankman
  • Released on: 26 January 2001

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48. Legally Blonde (2001)

Storyline: Elle gets admission to the Harward law school as her ex to teach him a lesson or take revenge against him. Because he left her for a smarter girl and later plans to become a politician.

Legally Blonde (2001)- Otakukart

Legally Blonde (2001) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Elle, played by Reese Witherspoon, Emmett played by Luke Wilson
  • Directed by: Robert Luketic
  • Released on: 5 October 2001

49. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Storyline: Bianca, a high school girl, wants to date a High School boy named Cameron, but he is unable to do so as his father told him; first, his older sister Kat is dating a guy until he will not do so. His sister Kat is an anti-social girl and doesn’t want to date a guy. Even Cameron pays an Unknown guy Patrick to seduce Kat so that he can date Bianca.

10 Things I Hate About You- Otakukart

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Julia Stiles- Kat, Heath Ledger– Patrick, Larisa Oleynik- Bianca, Joseph Gordon- Cameron
  • Directed by: Gil Junger
  • Released on: 31 March 1999

50. Notting Hills (1999)

Storyline: An American high-profile and elegant actress Anna meets a British bookseller, William, who falls in love with her. But things get out of control because of their incomparable social statuses.

Notting Hills (1999)- Otakukart

Notting Hills (1999) Credit: Instagram

  • Cast: Julia Roberts- Anna Scott, Hugh Grant- William Thacker
  • Directed by: Roger Michell
  • Released on: 13 May 1999

These movies will surely keep you laughing and crying throughout, From funny to heartwarming to romantic. All these best romantic comedy movies will entertain you from start to end! If you find this list of the best 50 rom-com movies helpful, please let us know in the comments below.

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