Acode – code editor | FOSS 1.5.5 build 184 Apk Mod Full Paid

Acode – powerful code editor Mod Apk, a web-based IDE and code editor for Android that is lightweight but powerful, can be used to create codes. This editor can be used to edit HTML JavaScript text.

Create a website, open it in a browser and check for errors in the console.

Edit any type of source file, such as python CSS HTMLjavaScript Dart.

Acode - powerful code editor Mod Apk


1. There are no ads

2. You can edit any file on your phone.

3. GitHub support

4. FTP/SFTP Support

5. Syntax Highlighting for over 100 Programming Languages

6. There are dozens of topics

7. User friendly

8. Preview HTML/MarkDown in-app

9. Interactive JavaScript console

10. In-app file browser

11. Open source

12. 50000 Lines Supported

13. Fast workflow

14. More than one file can be opened

15. You can customize

16. Keyboard shortcuts

17. Recover your files

18. File management

Download Acode - powerful code editor Mod Apk


Other than HTML MarkDown or JavaScript, you are not allowed to use any other programs. This means that you can’t run Python PHP Java C/C etc. However, you can still use Termux along with Acode to execute these programs.

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