All Missable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage offers many missable items, events, characters, features, game modes, and others you cannot get or use once you pass a certain point in the game. There are certain playable characters who appear in Paralogue missions, and even as enemies, that you can easily miss out on if you don’t know how to recruit them. Seeing that, we prepared this guide that lists all missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage and details on how you can recruit them. 

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All Missable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

At the time of writing this guide, there are around six missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. You may miss out on recruiting them either because they die in combat or because you failed to talk to them and progress in the game. 

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Here is the complete list of missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage, along with details on how you can recruit them:

  • Jean
    • How to recruit: In the Budding Talent Paralogue in Chapter 6, you must talk to him using Alear. 
  • Anna
    • How to recruit: In the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue in Chapter 7, you must open the middle chest located at the bottom of the map and then talk to her using Alear. 
  • Jade
    • How to recruit: In Chapter 9, you must talk to her using Alear. 
  • Seadall 
    • How to recruit: In Chapter 15, you must talk to him using Alear. 
  • Lindon
    • Recruiting Lindon is a little tricky, as he appears as an enemy. You must not kill him, interacting with him instead. 
    • How to recruit: In Chapter 18, you must talk to him using Alear. 
  • Saphir
    • How to recruit: In Chapter 19, you must talk to her using Alear. 

That concludes our guide on all missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch. For more on Fire Emblem Engage, check out our dedicated guides section. 

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