Another Chance (Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi)

Another Chance (Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi) Tv Series


Original Title: Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi
English Title: Another Chance
Also Known As: Let Life Come as It Knows
Genre: Action, Romance
Episodes: 22+ (each episode is 150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: July 21, 2022 – present
Production Company: BKM
Director: Altan Donmez
Screen Writer: Gani Mujde
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Emin (Ertan Saban) is a bully in Ankara. After learning that a young girl is killed because of her, Emin decides to leave his dirty past behind. He goes to the police department to become a secret witness and disclose all the dirty business going on. In exchange for giving information about mafia leaders and evidence to imprison all criminals in the underground world, Emin wants a second chance.

In order to end the underground world and imprison all mafia leaders, the police make a deal with Emin. According to their deal, Emin will start a new life in Istanbul as a geography teacher at high school and he will act as a husband of a police officer Songul.

Songul is a successful police officer at the Public Security Branch. She does not like the idea of accompanying Emin and acting as his wife. However, Songul accepts this duty because she wants to find the culprits behind her parents’ past and for this reason, she needs to go to Istanbul.

A new journey starts for these two people. Emin gets a new identity and becomes Sadi Payasli. He goes to Istanbul together with Songul and starts to live in the same house to pretend to be a married couple. Sadi tries his best to use his second chance properly and starts to work as a geography teacher.

The life of Sadi Payasli (Emin) crosses with five young convicted people from the reformatory. Mert (Ozgu Delikanli), Can (Ali Berge), Zulfikar (Onur Ozer), Aylin (Sanem Babi), and Melek (Rojbin Erden) are five young children are chosen for a pilot project. These five children will get a second chance, they will benefit from probation, return to their houses, and go to the same high school.

Mert is a brave young boy who has been in prison for injuring a man who was beating his wife on street. Can has been in prison for hacking. Melek has been in prison for injuring his step-father. Zulfikar has been in prison for drugs. Aylin has been in prison to protect her step-sister who injured a salesperson by accident.

The story becomes more complicated when Sadi meets his first love Derya (Ozge Ozberk) in Istanbul. Sadi and Derya used to date 17 years ago and Sadi had to end this relationship due to his dirty background. Even though they got separated a long time ago, Derya has still been in love with Sadi.

Derya gave birth to Sadi’s baby and raised her baby all alone. Even though Mert is Derya’s son, he does not know this fact. Mert thinks that his parents passed away and he has been living together with his elder sister Derya. Likewise, Sadi also does not know that he has a child.

Another Chance (Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi) tv series story is about a gangster who leaves his dirty past behind and gets a second chance as a geography teacher in Istanbul. Will Sadi manage to hide his dirty past? Will Sadi manage to use his second chance and become a successful teacher? Will Sadi and Songul get along well together and pretend to be a good couple? Will Songul find the truth about her parents’ death? Will Mert, Aylin, Can, Zulfikar, and Melek use their second chances effectively and get used to their school life?

Another Chance (Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Rojbin Erden as Melek Aydin
  • Ali Berge as Can Coban
  • Pamir Pekin as Kivanc Zevret
  • Burak Demir as Oguz Ozdemir
  • Artemis Sinem Karaman as Esra Ozdemir
  • Melisa Bostancioglu as Sevda Kara
  • Furkan Murat Ugur as Bora
  • Sercan Gulbahar as Yaver
  • Yesim Celebi as Sanem Ozdemir
  • Deniz Sarikas as Ozan Aslan Coskuner
  • Murat Gocmez as Vural
  • Zeynep Koltuk as Turkan Demirci
  • Tolga Iskit as Celal Aydin
  • Ozlem Turay as Aygun Aydin
  • Aleyna Caliskan as Leyla
  • Efe Poylu as Efe
  • Fatih Cetintas as Nevzat
  • Temmuz Gurkan Karaca as Taylan
  • Attila Olgac as Servet Kirdar
  • Ahmet Ariman as Tayfun
  • Galip Erdal as Osman Ercan
  • Tolga Gulec as Riza Kirdar


Sadi Payasli / Emin Gungoren (Ertan Saban):