Asta is Deeper Than Black Clover Critics Think, and Her New Arc Proves It

Warning: Spoilers for Black Clover episode 347how and when subordinate The fact that he chose to wield certain swords underlines his depth as a character, or at least sheds some light on the subject. black clovertrue genius that some of the show’s critics have overlooked.

Asta overwhelmingly prefers the knife that Yami gave her when she was in Yami’s homeland, Hino. Asta mostly used katana while training with Yami’s sister. black cloverIchika, however, the most symbolic moment comes in episode 347, when he uses Ichika to thwart an attack that will likely kill him. black clover By Yuki Tabata

Asta’s use of Yami’s sword goes even deeper when juxtaposed with Ichika’s relationship with her brother Yami. Earlier, Ichika had the impression that Yami had slaughtered her entire clan and then ran to escape persecution. Therefore, he refused Asta’s defense of Yami’s good name earlier, forcing him to actually fight against Asta during his training. But if we take into account the fact that a pill that Ichika and Yami’s father gave him caused Ichika to unintentionally carry out the mass genocide. black cloverThe perspective of Asta and Ichika’s training session takes a deadly turn. Asta wielding Yami’s sword is like “attacking” Ichika with the truth about Yami’s past.

black clover Gives More Meaning to Yami’s Selflessness

But the most striking image comes from Asta defending Ichika with Yami’s blade. At the time, Ichika’s was completely clear because the memories of her terrible act were distracting. His past was literally disarming him. However, the way Asta uses Yami’s katana to save her is like Yami implicitly forgiving her for the atrocities she committed. It is still unknown why Yami left Hino. black cloverOne of Ichika’s repressed memories shows that her country was the equivalent of the Sorcerer King, telling Ichika that it would be too cruel to tell the truth. This creates the impression that Yami is probably running away to protect her from the pain, similar to how her katana rescues her as she struggles with memories that might be too cruel to share.

Another interpretation gives this metaphor a potentially morbid twist. If Ichika had noticed that Asta was training with her brother’s knife, it looked like she was punching with the same weapon she believed had killed her family. Hopefully, observant readers were able to make that connection at the time and give those moments an eerie scent. Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that Asta actually wanted to use Yami’s blade to confuse Ichika. It was just his underrated brilliance black clover at work once again.

black clover Episode 347 is available on Viz.com.

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