Atomic Heart Earns Gold Ahead of February Release

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Mundfish have announced that their upcoming Action RPG/FPS game Atomic Heart has won the gold medal, with a release date set for February 21. Atomic Heart will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X |S, Xbox One and PC.

The developer told Wccftech earlier this month: “From the beginning, we wanted to tell the story of progress and how technology can spiral out of control, and a fantastic story of a confrontation between man and machine.” The multinational team at Mundfish reiterated their desire to create an exceptional and unique single-player game. Unfortunately, the ambitious feature for multiplayer had to be abandoned in the midst of development, but this was only in order to expand the player experience in every possible way with the post-release DLC.

Exploring the world of Atomic Heart is certainly an attractive prospect, as the story is set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955. to the automation of labor and the development of a collective robot hive mind. The hero is also someone who can access this man-made network of collective thoughts and access various psychic powers such as telekinesis and freezing, albeit at the expense of his own sanity.

Game director Robert Bagratuni recently spoke to Gamingtrend about the studio’s inspirations, saying that the team emphasized Soviet Modernism and utopian spirit in the architecture, and etched a bit of Half-Life DNA into the environments to make each place unique. He also added that each weapon and power is crafted with balance in mind, and there are some loopholes for you to take action if you run out of ammo through psychic powers and melee attacks.

According to the developer, the main campaign will take 25 hours to complete. If players want to dig deeper, they will find many interesting objects and secret laboratories to explore, and these locations will be available even after the main story ends. There’s also a host of additional stories out there waiting to be discovered and adding more to the game’s nuanced setting.

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