Baba Episode 21: Trailer, Summary, Release Date

Baba Episode 21 Turkish Drama Series featuring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş which will be broadcast on Show TV on 25th October 2022.

What will happen in Baba Episode 21 English Subtitles?

Baba Episode 21 Images

Baba Last Episode Summary

Kadir, who wants to protect his father, is forced to do something he never wanted to, when the police, looking for Emin as a murder suspect, raid Copköy.

Having learned an important secret about Emin, Selahattin uses this as a trump card and drives Kadir into a corner. Slowly melting the ice with his family after the discovery of his father, Servet receives a heavy blow from someone he trusts.

Confronted with the mistake he made while searching for Emin, İlhan makes a surprise move to get closer to Büşra again. The dangerous rapprochement between Kadir and Firuze progresses a little further, but Kadir has to deal with a much bigger problem.

Baba All Episodes English Subtitles

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