Basketball Stars MOD APK v1.38.5 (Always Perfect, Dumb AI) Download

About Basketball Stars: Multiplayer MOD APK

If you are a fan of basketball, you definitely cannot ignore Basketball Stars MOD APK. This game is suitable for all ages from 3 and up. Players are attracted by the very realistic gameplay, closely following basketball matches. You can choose to play on the street with another player or join teams that compete on a seasonal basis. There are countless activities revolving around the sport of basketball that players can freely participate in. Practice the best basketball techniques and maybe one day you will become a real star, topping the charts around the world. That’s not far off if you start your journey today. Our MOD version will give you unlimited bonuses.

Participate in exciting basketball matches

This is the main activity in Basketball Stars that you need to participate in. There are many game modes including 1v1 solo battle mode, 3v3 multiplayer battle, training mode. Each mode has its own interesting points, the only thing in common is that you will fight in real life, the skills are not fictional. In 1v1 mode, the player randomly pairs with another player, in a period of time the two must try to get the ball into the basket as many times as possible. Depending on your turn, one person will hold the ball, one person will stop the opponent from throwing the ball into the basket. 3v3 mode also has similar rules, the difference is that there are many people participating and each team defends for one side of the basket. Don’t forget to practice to improve your skills.

Change character’s appearance

The bonuses that you collect from the victories will be used to buy necessary items. For a basketball player, of course shoes are very important. You can choose between the wide range of designs that Basketball Stars has to offer. In addition, the game also allows you to change the character’s appearance such as skin color, hair style. The most interesting thing lies in the bold basketball costumes and personality accessories. Let’s build your personal image.

Attractive graphics and sound

A lot of players leave compliments for the graphics and sound of Basketball Stars. The 3D character design makes the movement very smooth. The color scheme is also very diverse, making players feel very relaxed every time they open the game. Sound factor is also an important part. Users can customize the sound by choosing to turn on the background music or reduce its volume. In addition, there are sound effects in the game such as the sound of the ball hitting the ground, hitting the wall of the basket.

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