Best Heroes In Skylanders Ring Of Heroes Tier List (2023)

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is an action role-playing game where you have to defeat enemies in turn-based gameplay. In order to advance in this game, you have to strategize your moves and implement the plan of attack precisely. As there are a ton of heroes to choose from, it is usual to get overwhelmed while building your team. Well, you can always visit here and refer to the Skylanders Ring Of Heroes best heroes tier list.

We have created this list where each hero in the game is ranked. There are also different elements and roles that are assigned to the heroes. So, you have to understand how these factors will affect your gameplay. Read along with this guide and learn all there is to know about the heroes in this game.

Tier List of Best Heroes in Skylanders Ring of Heroes – 2023

Best Heroes Tier list in Skylanders rings of Heroes
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Below, we have mentioned the best heroes tier list in Skylanders Ring of Heroes. You simply have to skim through the list to pick the right heroes for your team. This tier list is divided into 5 tiers. The apex tier is SS and the bottom tier is C.

The heroes included in the SS tier are the most effective heroes and you can blindly add them to your team. Whereas the heroes mentioned in the C tier aren’t as good enough and have decent performance. Glance through the tier list given below.

Tier Heroes Roles Element
SS Spitfire Attack Fire
SS Erupter Skylander Fire
SS Freeze Blade Attack Water
SS Astroblast Attack Light
SS Knight Mare Support Dark
SS Stormblade Attack Air
SS Hex Expert Undead
SS Buckshot Attack Magic
SS Shadow Spitfire Attack Dark
SS Boomer Expert Tech
SS Wham-Shell Defense Water
SS Ka-Boom Attack Fire
SS Blast Zone Expert Fire
SS Ninjini Expert Magic
SS Smolderdash Expert Fire
SS Cynder Attack Undead
SS Krypt King Expert Undead
SS Flashwing Support Earth
SS Starcast Attack Dark
SS Dino-Rang Expert Earth
S Deja Vu Support Magic
S Shark Shooter Terrafin Attack Earth
S King Pen Defense Water
S Knight Light Support Tech
S Chain Reaction Expert Tech
S Stealth Elf Expert Life
S Light Hex Skylander Light
S Light Flashwing Skylander Light
S Nightfall SuperCharger Dark
S Enigma Support Magic
S Ember Expert Fire
S Dive-Clops Support Water
S Shadow King Pen Defense Dark
S Blastermind Trap Master Magic
S Ambush Attack Life
S Pit Boss Support Undead
S Light Jet-Vac Skylander Light
S Trigger Happy Expert Tech
A Wild Storm Attack Air
A Chill Defense Water
A Mysticat Expert Magic
A Aurora Expert Tech
A Blackout Expert Dark
A Jet-Vac Support Air
A Lightning Rod Attack Air
A Snap Shot Attack Water
A Chopscotch Defense Undead
A Barbella Defense Earth
A Tuff Luck Expert Life
A Whirlwind Support Air
A Rattle Shake Swap Force Undead
A Roller Brawl Attack Undead
A Super Shot Stealth Elf Attack Life
A Tri-tip Defense Earth
A Slam Bam Defense Water
A Shadow Spyro Defense Dark
A Grilla Drilla Support Life
B Sprocket Support Tech
B Fiesta Support Undead
B High Volt Defense Tech
B Fling Kong Expert Air
B Thunderbolt Expert Air
B Flare Wolf Attack Fire
B Wash Buckler Expert Water
B Food Fight Support Life
B Tree Rex Defense Life
B Pop Fizz Expert Magic
B Zoo Lou Support Life
C Hot Dog Support Fire
C Tidepool Expert Water
C Blades Defense Air
C Gearshift Defense Tech
C Ignitor Attack Fire
C Rocky Roll Attack Earth
C Stink Bomb Expert Life
C Splat Attack Magic
C Spyro Defense Magic
C Air Strike Expert Air
C Crusher Defense Earth
C Zook Attack Earth
C Wallop Attack Earth
C Chopper Attack Tech
C Gill Grunt Support Water

Once you’ve gone through the best heroes tier list in Skylanders Ring of Heroes, you will not only know how to build the strongest team, but also you will be able to upgrade the necessary heroes to enhance their powers. This will increase your chances of winning.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Dragon Epic Idle & Merge Tier List and Top War Hero Tier List.

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