Best PUBG Names 2022 -15000+ Unique, Cool Names, Symbols

Are you also looking for the PUBG name, PUBG cool, PUBG squat, PUBG symbols, or FREE FIRE NAME, Characters suggestion in your PUBG id, then you will get to see a very good PUBG name here, just read the article carefully and completely?

Hi guys, do know PUBG is back in India well we all know the PUBG ban in India due to data policy with 209 other Chinese apps. But Good news for PUBG players because PUBG coming to India again with the new name Battleground mobile India and new features. 

For a long time, there was a lot of grief between people, every Gaming YouTube channel has received much such news to increase its views, but now PUBG’s official YouTube channel has confirmed that it is coming again in India, with the new update. Now PUBG is coming again, so we will try to talk about the new features and the best PUBG names below. 

But before those who do not know about PUBG, we will try to tell you what PUBG is and why it is so popular and why it is coming again in India, despite being made in India, we will try to answer all such questions. Let’s start with this article.

What is PUBG? – Battle Ground Mobile India

Pubg names
Those viewers do not know what PUBG is, so let me tell them PUBG is a multiplayer game named Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in this game, players get high-quality graphics of the game and they work closely with the team. People of every age group like this game.

It is the best battlefield game. There are 5 maps which are known Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin out of which Erangel is one of the most popular maps.

In addition to maps, PUBG is played on an island that slowly shrinks and kills enemies to win a chicken dinner. Read the article carefully to get an idea of the best and best PUBG names.

Pubg Mobile Mod APK

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You can generate a number of different names, you can use it for personal or for your pub gaming. The name generator tool generates random names based on a simple keyword or a phrase. PUBG Name generator also has an option for you to add your own names which is super easy to do and is one of the coolest features of the PUBG Name generator.

Feature in Battel Ground PUBG Mobile India 2022

If you have ever played PUBG before, then you will know what is UC and what is the importance of UC: in the multimedia game Recently a new update of PUBG, in which you can get a chance to get many great features in the form of UC, if you also have UC coin, then you can also take advantage of the features given below.

Here are a few of the features of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 version as stated in the patch notes:

  • Titan Strikes
  • Titan Last Stand (May 25 – June 8)
  • Microcosm (June 9 – July 5)
  • New Arena Map: The Hangar (starts June 1)
  • New Vehicle: Coupe RB
  • New Shooting Mode: OTS (Over the Shoulder)
  • Gun optimization and balance
  • Basic Performance Improvements
  • Royale Pass S19: Traverse (starts May 17)
  • Security Improvements
  • New Friends Features

Let us now come to the main part of this article and see that we see the name PUBG. 

Although you can also keep the PUBG name according to you, to keep some modern names, you will have to read the article below carefully and you can get to see very nice and beautiful names or you can modify the name given by us. You can also create your own unique PUBG name

Best Stylish PUBG Names for Unknown’s Battlegrounds Player

Finding the right type of name for your team is not an easy task but here we are making it easy. Here we collect these lists of doubles team names. You can easily choose a team name from these lists for your PUBG team. Or, you can also create your own unique team’s name with these names.

You can take one of the names in the list below or take inspiration from them and connect them with something that is associated with your real name. Be sure to choose a name that you know will reflect your personality over the years.

  • Madness
  • Schizo
  • Rage
  • Savage
  • Manic
  • Frenzy
  • Mania
  • Derange
  • CobraBite
  • Cocktail
  • collateral damage
  • command
  • Commando
  • Congo Wire
  • Cool Iris
  • Cool Whip
  • Cosmo
  • Crash Override
  • Crash Test
  • Crazy Eights
  • Criss Cross
  • Cross Thread
  • Cujo
  • Cupid Dust
  • Daffy Girl
  • Dahlia Bumble
  • DaisyCraft
  • Dancing Madman
  • Dangle
  • DanimalDaze
  • Dark Horse
  • Darkside Orbit
  • Darling Peacock
  • Day Hawk
  • Desert Haze
  • Desperado
  • Devil Blade
  • Devil Chick
  • Dexter
  • Diamond Gamer
  • Digger
  • Disco Potato
  • Disco Thunder
  • DiscoMate
  • Don Stab
  • Doz Killer
  • Dredd
  • DriftDetector
  • DriftManiac
  • Drop Stone
  • Dropkick
  • Drugstore Cowboy
  • DuckDuck
  • Earl of Arms
  • Easy Sweep
  • Eerie Mizzen
  • ElactixNova
  • Elder Pogue
  • Electric Player
  • Electric Saturn
  • Ember Rope
  • Esquire
  • ExoticAlpha
  • EyeShooter
  • Fabulous
  • Siddhartha
  • Suleiman
  • Billy the Butcher
  • Thor
  • Napoleon
  • Maximus
  • Khan
  • Geronimo
  • Leon
  • Leonidas
  • Dutch
  • Cyrus
  • Hannibal
  • Dux
  • Mr. Blonde
  • Agrippa
  • Jesse James
  • Matrix
  • Bleed
  • X-Skull
  • BigBull  

  • Mortal
  • KGF786 
  • Modern Combact
  • Fast Draw
  • FastLane
  • Father Abbot
  • FenderBoyXXX
  • Fennel Dove
  • Feral Mayhem
  • Fiend Oblivion
  • fifth harmony
  • Fire Feline
  • FireFish
  • FireByMisFire
  • Fist Wizard
  • Atilla
  • Darko
  • Terminator
  • Conqueror
  • Mad Max
  • Ek Ladki
  • Devil
  • Bala On-Fire
  • Chapati Kudai 
  • Killer
  • Silent Killer
  • Firefly

Best Unique Name For PUBG Game 2022

pubg names

Here are some special Gaming names below that you can connect with any game, all these names can be inspired by you and you can create your own unique name.

  • Nick Fury
  • Ronin
  • Homey Sharpshooters
  • Dizzy Irresistible 
  • Owais
  • Captain Jon
  • PUBG
  • PUBG Lovers
  • 1 Piece
  • New Exile
  • Head Killer
  • Soul Killer
  • Deadshot
  • Agent47
  • M416 Killer
  • Killshot
  • JoKer
  • Gɩɓɓɭɘt Pʌŋtʜɘʀ
  • Tʜʋʛ Oŋ Loosɘ
  • Aɭoŋɘ ɭovɘʀТђє Ғїԍђтєя
  • Sɭʌʋʛʜtɘʀ ĸɩŋʛ
  • Fʋʀƴ Rʌvɘŋ
  • MidAgeCrisis
  • ɓʌɗɱʌsʜ
  • Sʌŋsĸʌʀɩ
  • Nick Lðk
  • Kit Do
  • Cyavana
  • TĦə Fʟıɽťý MʋŋÐʌ
  • Tearney
  • Pub giant
  • Thug Liƒe
  • B O Fi
  • Walking Pegasus
  • Abraxos
  • Josɘpʜ
  • Tearney
  • Walking Pegasus
  • JackSeptiPie
  • BulletKing
  • FakeBlossom
  • SOUL | Mr. Akram
  • Daredevil
  • Wizard Harry
  • Captain (your name)
  • Selfish Soldiers
  • Ethan Hunt
  • Chulbulii Chørii
  • Chåtting Piece
  • Chatlatii padii
  • Cup’Cake
  • HubbyPUBG
  • PUBGVibgyor
  • ManubabyPUBG

Best Funny PUBG Names for Player

pubg names

Some Funny best names for Pubg have been given, which today’s modern like very much, you can check them. You can also use these names for Pubg or you can also modify them according to you. You can take one of the names in the list below or take inspiration from them and connect them with something that is associated with your real name. Be sure to choose a name that you know will reflect your personality over the years.

  • king_0f_dairy_queen
  •  desperate_enuf
  •  AirisWindy
  •  cheeseinabag
  •  MakunaHatata
  •  rambo_was_real
  •  churros4eva
  •  namenotimportant
  •  i_boop_ur_nose
  •  image_not_uploaded
  •  suck_my_popsicle
  •  sofa_king_cool
  •  RootinTootinPutin
  •  blousesandhouses
  •  iblamejordan
  •  manic_pixie_meme_ girl
  •  Technophyle
  •  Cuddly-Wuddly
  •  JesusoChristo
  •  peap0ds
  •  whats_ur_sign
  •  TheMilkyWeigh
  •  BabyBluez
  •  BarbieBreath
  •  MangoGoGo
  •  DirtBag
  • FurReal
  •  ScoobyCute
  •  YouIntradouchingMyshelf
  •  IwasReloading
  •  WellEndowedPenguin
  •  TheAfterLife
  •  PuppiesnKittens
  •  WakeAwake
  •  Coronacosmo
  •  wherearetheavocados
  •  ijustwanttobeme
  •  TheKidsCallMeBoss
  •  SewerSquirrel
  •  because.i.like.to.like
  •  notmuchtoit
  •  fried chocolate
  •  DonWorryItsGonBK
  •  Early_Morning_Coffee
  •  drunkbetch
  •  strawberry_pineapple
  •  MissPiggysDimples
  •  chickenbaconranchpizza
  •  cereal_killer

Best Girls PUBG Names for Battleground Mobile

Pubg names

By the way, we all know how many popular PUBGs are available to females, more than PUBG are trained in males, more girls like to play PUBG and many female players keep searching for their unique names. You can give them many names below, then you can inspire them by name and add them with your name so that a new name can be created which suits your profile.

  • Girl Royale
  • Blade Woman
  • Candy Cough
  • Panda Heart
  • Magic Peach
  • Tiger Kitty
  • Lady Killer
  • Opulent Gamer
  • Treasure Devil
  • Leading Light
  • Queen Bee
  • Microwave Chardonnay
  • Titanium Ladybug
  • Freeze Queen
  • Undergrad Split
  • Gamer Bean
  • Mafia Princess
  • Eye Candy Kitten
  • Troubled Chick
  • Feral Filly
  • Darkside Diva
  • Saturn Extreme
  • Battle Mistress
  • Sassy Muffin
  • Canary Apple Red
  • Woodland Beauty
  • Tequilla Sunrise 
  • Koi Diva
  • Luna Star
  • PubgPie
  • Tragic Girl
  • Girls of Neptune
  • Broken Paws
  • Anonymous Girl
  • Tiny Hunter
  • Claudia Clouds
  • Super Giggles
  • Triple Adorable
  • Hot Username Here
  • Princess of PUBG
  • Pink Leader
  • Gun Digger
  • Her Majesty
  • The Beekeeper
  • Necessary Momentum
  • Little Drunk Girl
  • Acid Queen
  • Cool Whip
  • Digital Goddess
  • Peanut Butter Woman
  • Sleek Assassin
  • Lady Fantastic
  • Wildcat Talent
  • Pink Nightmare
  • Miss Fix It
  • Romance Princess
  • Emerald Goddess
  • Marshmallow Treat
  • Video Game Heroine

Some New Funny Girls PUBG Names in 2022

pubg names

Some girls love to keep their funny names, in such a situation, below are several great new names you will like. You can custom these names according to your name.

  • बन्दूक वाली
  • Thiki Mirchi
  • Dangerous Drama Queen
  • बब्बली की बंदूक  
  • Banduk wali Shur-Fnaka 
  • Pʀɩŋcɘss
  • ÏŋȠoceṉṭ Priŋčęǯǯ
  • Špicÿ Girł
  • Dʌŋgəʀou’x Quəəŋ
  • ďäďÿ ṗŕïńċệṩ
  • βÃβЎ ĎỖĹĹ
  • βακκ βακκ ςυəəπ
  • иαиι ραяι
  • IŊterŋatııoŋal ǷwįȠçǯzx
  • ⓓⓞⓛⓛ
  • Aŋgəl
  • Chørı

Best Squad PUBG Names for Battle Ground mobile India 2022

pubg names

As we all know, there is a Squad of 4 people in PUBG, when we participate in any competition of PUBG, then we have to name one of our squad, then many people search Google to keep the unique name of their squad. We do not need to go anywhere like this, we will try to give you some new and best Squad names below, you can customize them as per your choice.

  • Opposites Attract
  • 24×7 Love
  • Crazy world
  • Big Dill Couples
  • Who Gives a Split?
  • Together Forever
  • Boo’d Up
  • Salt and Pepper
  • We Take the Cake
  • 8 Pound Balls
  • A tip for love
  • Chaos
  • The Hoppy Couples
  • Sugar Monkeys
  • My Amigos
  • The Johnson’s
  • Crazy Lovers
  • Guac ‘N’ Roll
  • Booted Bowlers
  • Online Hangover
  • The Posse
  • Dry Bumped

Best PUBG Names for Boys

Pubg names

If you are looking for PUBG Name for a male then you will get to see many names below. You can add your name from them and create your own new name however you have to choose the name according to your profile so that you can search Be easy When we land for playing in PUBG, then you get to see many types of features in this game, you can name them accordingly.

  • Frenzy Shooters
  • Covert Destroyer
  • Tilted Stabbers
  • Vampiric Ghosts
  • Dark Spirits
  • C-19 Parasites
  • Frantic Saboteur
  • Dirty Grenadier
  • Electric Tank
  • Grim Noob
  • Noobies Choose
  • Loser Hunters
  • King-Pins
  • Gun Lords
  • Snipe the Hype
  • Loose Characters
  • Head shooter
  • AWMLover
  • AK47
  • Agent47
  • PUBG-Striker
  • Gangs of PUBG
  • Quarrelsome Strategy
  • Hungry Admirals
  • Cloudy Perpetrator
  • Fuzzy Pack
  • Straight Gangsters
  • Mortified Coercion
  • Lyrical Armed Services

Best Killer PUBG Names for Girls

pubg names

PUBGs are available in females, more than PUBG are Popular in males, more girls like to play PUBG and many female players keep searching for their unique name.

You can give them many names below, then you can inspire them by name and add them with your name so that a new name can be created which suits your profile.

  • Angel Killer
  • Killer Gang 
  • Cute Killer
  •  Hot-Gangland 
  • PUBG Queen
  • Baby Squad 
  • Elizabeth
  • Baby Killer
  • Lucy
  • Đ₳₦₲ɆⱤ QɄɆɆɆ₦ Gang 
  • Spicy Girl
  • Gamora
  • 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕒
  • ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ
  • Chammak Challo
  • Honey
  • Sheela
  • Crush Killer
  • 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓴𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓻
  • Nebula
  • Tokyo
  • Devasena
  • Gulabi Queen
  • Selfie Queen

Best PUBG Squad Names for Couples

Pubg names

These are cute Couple of team names for Pubg. Some stylish PUBG names have been given, which today’s modern players like very much, you can check them. You can also use these PUBG or you can also modify them according to you.

  • Open Book
  • Sabotage Drifters
  • Purrfect Pairs
  • Romantic gossips
  • Him And Her
  • Geeks in Sneaks
  • The Bee’s Knees
  • Splits for Brains
  • Tweethearts Only
  • We Are One
  • Lovely Post
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Birds Of a Feather
  • Spare Us
  • Taters Gonna Tate
  • Tea-Riffic Baes
  • love is the very best
  • Soulmates
  • Focus Fairies
  • Lions
  • Rocket Propelled Strikers
  • Matches In Heaven
  • Best Dudes
  • Will Strike if Provoked
  • Still Loving You
  • The Drifters
  • Glowing stars

FAQs Of Best Names For PUBG

How to create PUBG stylish names? If you also want to create your own PUBG Stylish Creative name, then you don’t have to do much just by using a name generator, you can easily prepare it.  You will get countless name generators on Google; you can easily create a good name by using the same.  You can take one of the names in the list below or take inspiration from them and connect them with something that is associated with your real name. Be sure to choose a name that you know will reflect your personality over the years.

How to Change Profile Name in PUBG Mobile?

As we know PUBG Pre-registers have become available in India, in such a way, that if you want to custom some changes or your name in your PUBG mobile game,

then follow the points given below for that.  Keeping the below point in mind, you can rename your name, and you are given good pub name ideas in the article above.

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your Android Phone.
  • Select ‘Inventory’ from the menu at the Right-bottom.
  • Click on the ‘Crate’ button which is on the Top-right side of the screen.
  • Select the ‘Rename Card’ (if available) and click on the ‘Use’ button.
  • Enter a new name and hit ‘OK’

Note: – If you have a Rename card available, then only you can change your name accordingly.

How to Change Clan Name in PUBG?

Clan tag is one of the most popular tags of PUBG, it has been giving instructions to the player for the game, you can also change its recording name. The way to change the name of the clan tag is somewhat different, you should carefully look at the point given below and follow

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your Android Phone.
  • Click on the clan menu which is on the right-bottom side of the screen
  • After Click on clan, Click on the member option
  • Click on the broken shield that will be located next to the clan’s name
  • Click on the gear icon if you are the clan leader
  • Then confirm the exit on the pop-up screen

How to Change Crew Name in PUBG?

The Crew Name in PUBG is used to display your team. In this, you have some names in a Roman language that you can use for your awarding. To rename the Crew name in PUBG, you can flow the instructions given above.

We try to give you some PUBG Popular symbols below, which you can change according to your according.


What are Cool PUBG Names?

PUBG is the most played video game not only in India but in the whole world, its features and sessions are liked by everyone.

In such a situation, players create their unique user ID by joining some unique name with their name to create their unique identity and have famous addresses on social media.

Cool names in PUBG are quite a by type. There are different categories of cool names, which we thought well above, you can see them and prepare your name.


We have put the list of Best PUBG Names in front of you. We know that the main game of PUBG is very big and it needs professional players to play it. But you don’t have to be afraid to play the opening game you can easily play the game like an expert with this application. 

Because you get an anti-ban and unlimited time limits with a ban so that you can play the game as per your choice. This is a thrilling action game. You can also play the game with friends, after installing the game you will not be disappointed. You can comment on us for other information related to the game.

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