Best Shows Like Harley Quinn on HBO Max

Much to the delight of DC fans Harley Quinn was renewed for a third season, which continued on HBO Max in July 2022. This animated series from Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey takes on the nostalgic charm of older series Batman cartoons and adds a comedic, dark and almost nihilistic twist.

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That’s pretty apt, given Harley Quinn’s Personality – who, like her villain friend Joker, is eccentric, devious, and quite dark herself. As new episodes continue to be released, many fans may be looking for shows that explore creative themes in a similar way, while also bringing a humorous twist and a cast of wacky characters

10 The young

Based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The young Fast became a hit when its 2019 debut season was released on Amazon Prime Video thanks to its hilarious and wild premise that highlights various anti-hero villains. Originally conceived as a feature film, the series has evolved into its own with a gripping premise and a dynamic cast featuring many offbeat heroes.

Despite its bombastic and often absurd comedy, The young retains a human element with its character interactions, social satire, and flawed but well-intentioned “supes”; That’s the cheeky label they get. This live action game, while quite different in style, has many parallels to quinngiven their humorous, unconventional takes on the classic “superteam” formula.

9 Samurai Jack

Cartoon Networks Samurai Jackcreated by Genndy Tartakovsky, it had quite a run since its debut in 2001 and became a fan favorite before dying in 2004. It officially ended in 2017 after one last hurray with an even darker fifth season aimed at older audiences.

The award-winning animation is known for its depth and excitement (while remaining kid-friendly), its likeable characters and the imaginative setting of feudal Japan in the retro future. This story is in part a classic myth of the clash of good and evil, though Tartakovsky runs with unique elements of Eastern mythology, samurai culture, and quasi-sci-fi dystopia.

With emotional storylines and styles and premise that vary in each episode – from mecha battles to chicken transformations –Samurai Jack seduces from start to finish.

8th Guardian

Similar to quinn, this dystopian superhero hype directed by Damon Lindelof, thrills and entertains with its cast of cool renegades who have been brushed aside for their “unorthodox” brand of justice. Based on the then-obscure DC Comics series and piggybacking on the ’09 film, Guardian packs plenty of action, drama and social commentary into its nine-episode run.

The show is a mix of old and new; of fiction (like alien squid monsters) and real socio-political history. Set a few decades after the comics, Lindelof draws from the past Guardian Lore, historical and current events for various story arcs, including the 1921 massacre of the Tulsa race and the looming threat of nuclear war. This miniseries should be an entertaining watch for Harley Fans looking for a similarly offbeat – but much more serious – fight against the super team.

7 Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

While the tone and subject matter are quite distracting, Harley Fans should enjoy this animated superhero show on Cartoon Network. It explores the same rich, expansive cinematic universe of DC; with a slightly more mature hue than typical Saturday morning cartoons. Both justice league and its even more dynamic sequel were Toonami highlights until their emphatic demise in 2006.

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justice league and Unlimited Feel like you’re watching an epic comic played in real-time, with a large, likable cast of prominent DC characters, great animation, and compelling storylines full of clever twists and turns. The shows go beyond the flashy finishes that many associate with superheroes. It emphasizes emotional depth, world-building, and a moral core as the heroes attempt to balance power with responsibility and inner conflict.

6 The Venture Bros.​​​​​

The fan favorite venture bros was way ahead of its time – with its satirical nature and an offbeat, wacky twist on the superhero formula. But how quinn, this seeming “shallow” parody and weirdness is balanced with plenty of heart, depth and introspection. The show follows the antics and quests of the insecure, ethnically questionable Venture family. The cast includes mad scientist “Rusty” Venture, reformed villain Sergeant Hatred, and undercover agent “Murder Machine” Brock Samson.

Simply put, there’s a reason this remains one of the longest-running shows on Adult Swim. It has stood the test of time and still resonates with fans today. Creator Jackson Publick aims to wrap up this epic run with a direct-to-video film that will serve as the series finale and premiere on Adult Swim and HBO Max.

5 futurama

Out of Simpsons Creator Matt Groening, futurama helped develop a more imaginative brand of adult animation with its sci-fi premise; a foundation shows how Harley Quinn and Rick and Morty would run at full throttle. The show, which premiered on Fox in 1999, was revived and given a home on Adult Swim, where it fits the network’s goofy (moderately) adult-oriented humor like a glove.

The show features a slew of quirky characters, human and otherwise, but focuses on “Everyman” space messenger Philip Fry. Fry brings a more down-to-earth “work sitcom” sensibility that contrasts and clashes with this futuristic sci-fi setting. The show is largely a self-contained world, but it also references real-world culture — Fry, for example, is recruited by “General Colin Pac-Man” to help evade evil spirits and fight invaders.

4 Bayman beyond

As fans might expect, this WB hit for kids doesn’t even do that approach the same level of violence or salacious humor as in Harley Quinn. Still, with its similarly dark, detailed exploration, it should certainly whet fans’ appetites Batman and DC lore in general. The show features many of the same colorful heroes and villains, including the iconic Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and a few cameos from Quinn himself.

The show takes place afterwards Justice League Unlimited chronologically. It features a teenage Batman living in a futuristic megalopolis of Gotham, filled with towering buildings and cars flying by. The show proved somewhat divisive, but gained a cult following with its cyberpunk settings, darker themes, and deep, personal premises that explored the psychology of an older Bruce Wayne.

3 Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland and Darn Harmon’s sci-fi comedy can be compared to Harley Quinn in different ways. Sure, this DC cartoon might not quite have that Adult Swim show’s existential, mind-blowing concepts. But it does Bring a similar sense of cynical humor, wacky premise, and memorably wacky characters to love. Rick and Morty features a caricature of a mad scientist whose depth becomes increasingly apparent as viewers learn more about his quirks and conflicts.

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The opposite of the arrogant nihilist Rick is the shy, naïve Morty, who reluctantly goes along with most of Rick’s wild adventures. You never know what to expect while watching Rick and Mortybe it a glimpse into a dystopian citadel full of Ricks and Mortys – or just Rick turning into a pickle to keep himself busy.

2 Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Perhaps that goes without saying quinn Fans would be delighted to see another series starring Dark Knight and Harley prominently. Although it seems necessary to dwell on what makes this series so famous and iconic to this day.

Aired on Fox Kids in 1992, Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm Batman: The Animated Series brought a darker sensibility than most kid-friendly cartoons of the era, with tastefully done animation and great voice acting. This quasi-film noir style would be partly imitated Harley Quinnas this show, much like the 1992 cartoon, resides in the shady streets of Gotham – and has plenty of intense action to boot.

1 Invincible

Both Harley Quinn and Simon Racioppas Invincible can be described as “an adult-oriented version of the Saturday morning cartoon”, albeit for very different reasons. Based on the Image Comics franchise of the same name, this Prime Video show follows teenage Mark Grayson as he becomes an ultra-powerful superhero under the guidance of his all-powerful father and mentor Omni-Man.

Fans and critics praised the cartoon’s faithful adherence to the source material and expanded upon it – amplified with plenty of action, detailed animation (as well as CGI), and emotional moments.

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