Betrayal Adds New Memories, Outfits, and Challenges

Dead by Daylight has released Tome 14, called Betrayal, where players can experience the narrative of the multiplayer horror game with memories and complete various challenges to earn rewards. The newest volume, available at The Archives, takes players to the lost memories of The Knight, Vittorio Toscano and The House of Arkham. It also brings medieval-inspired cosmetics, talismans and brand new challenges for players to test their skills.

Tomes in Dead by Daylight functions as a kind of story expansion that further expands the game’s universe with new memories of different characters. They offer players a more narrative experience when they need to take a break from the multiplayer mode. Completing Master Quests of a Tome unlocks memories for characters, diaries, cinematics, talismans, and bonus Bloodpoints. Since The Awakening Tome’s release in 2019, new Volumes have been added to the game’s Archives regularly.

Dead by Daylight’s Tome 14: Betrayal adds three new memoirs of The Knight, Vittorio Toscano, and The House of Arkham, each providing a glimpse into the background of their stories. Players will learn more about the knight’s story in the ‘Nothing But Darkness’ Memoir as they uncover the mysterious story of Vittorio Oscano. “His sense of time has long since faded. He’s not entirely sure if his logical mind isn’t doing the same. Yet the journey from swamp to farm to jungle continues. An endless loop of kingdoms, each more mysterious than the last. Only in his Official blog post, can he escape even if he wants to seek information?

Players will progress through The Rift’s Free Track and Premium Track to unlock cosmetics for The Knight, Vittorio Toscano, Claudette Morel, Feng Min, and The Huntress. Also, Deep Rift Outfits will return, along with Rift-exclusive rewards for those who pass Level 70. Players will be rewarded with a total of 500,000 BloodPoints, allowing them to receive a new reward for each level. As for character-specific gameplay challenges, players must complete a series of challenges to progress through the Tome, which is divided into several levels that include a new layout for Auris Web, lore entries, Bloodpoints, and Rift Fragments.

To complete some game challenges, Survivors must tackle Blue Glides that can cause them Blindness and Apathy. Dead by Daylight Tome 14: Betrayal can now be unlocked in the Archive.

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