BLACKPINK’s Jennie Completely Sold This Bunny Outfit After She Was Seen Wearing It On Instagram

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie becoming a fashion icon once again. In one of her latest Instagram posts, she was celebrating her birthday in a bunny outfit. BLINKnecessary.

BLINKThey were able to find the rabbit suit and realized that what AMBUSH was selling was “Rabbit Wool”.

After that BLINKFrom what they heard, the bunny suit is no longer online as of January 17.

The price tag might be a little high depending on your budget, but it’s clear BLINKThose who want to go to the top don’t care about money.

People on the internet also gave their thoughts on the outfit, for example:

The ability to sell things is insane.

I love that she can be beautiful, elegant, s*xy and cute at the same time.

Now, this is someone people follow when it comes to fashion. The ability to sell and build a brand is very strong. All the time, everything she wears is sold. 😭👏🏼 A true fashion icon

People will start talking about the impact, as if the fashion industry wasn’t the only one making the Year of the Rabbit collections.

V He probably took those pictures, okay?

When? red velvet did, it did not become popular, but when Jennie It did, it became popular.

There is too much blackpink Today’s posts, please stop.

So cute! Haha, I don’t understand why people buy this hat. Will that make us look cute? And where can we wear this hat where no one will look at us funny? Lunar New Year? Party for Halloween? I can only think twice, lol.

Cute and beautiful, I’m glad she had a good birthday party with her friends and family. Whenever she wears something, it quickly sells out because of how popular it is.

What are your thoughts?


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