Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111 Release Date: Yumi’s Escape

Boy’s Abyss chapter 111 will take characters down another spiral of emotions, or should have. The manga was slated to come a few days back on September 15. 2022. But as you may know, the chapter has yet to release though this is not the only manga that has this problem. Oshi no Ko is another popular manga that has been delayed for a while but is finally coming back. We hope that this will be the case for Boy’s abyss as well, and we can learn more about the tragic life of our melancholic characters.

It also didn’t help that the last chapter ended on a cliffhanger. Though it is supposed that the manga won’t be able to garner any audience. Look at any good manga, and you will see how their ending makes you excited for the next chapter. As for Boy’s Abyss, the family’s truth is out, and Yumi makes her choice after hearing the choice. Though she didn’t decide by herself alone, she is persuaded into doing that as well. But with her gone, how will the family situation devolve?

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111 Spoilers

The series tackles issues that are not unheard of in modern-day Japan, but it is one of the few that does it in pages of Manga. Despite Shueisha having a positive, driven approach to the story, so much so that Chainsaw man shifted to another magazine, this story is one of a kind. Yumi is one of the good people in the story, but the people she has found herself in are anything but. Gen’s persuasion to leave the house still has goodness in his heart despite the dark past of his family. The same could be said for his father, but to an extent.

Boy's Abyss

The family now has to deal with the truth that has revealed itself in front of them. Dark truths that will unravel any good family. Gen’s family is an unhappy one, and one of them even has blood on their hands despite that they have to make it through. Make it through the winter of the year and the winter of their personal lives. All of this and more in Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111.

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Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111 release date

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111 will be coming out on October 6, 2022. The series has a great following, and the fans series overseas have been waiting for it to release in the west region. The series was taken for publication by Viz for physical distribution of the series. They have yet to adapt the series digitally, so it will be some time before you can read it on the go and carry it anywhere. But for the bibliophile out there, this is good news regardless. 

Where to read Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111?

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 111 is not currently available to read on Manga plus or Viz. Though Viz has obtained rights for the publication of the series, so it will be available to read down the line. For the time being, you can go to either site for the fantastic selection of manga on them.

Boy's Abyss

The websites have classic mangas like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and many more. They also have modern hits like Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia updated regularly. You will have access to the latest chapters just a few hours after they are released in Japan. You also have the option to read the first three chapters as well as the last three chapters to read for free.

What is Boy’s Abyss about?

Forget everything you know about Shounen and get ready to be drenched by depression in a series that breaks all the norms of Shounen manga. No longer we are following a protagonist who will grow up to become a great man one day after going through hardships. In this series, you will have none of it but the complete opposite.

Here the characters are broken by their hardships long before they grow up and deal with the consequences of their actions in life forward. If you like a psychological story that is much more akin to reality than fiction, this story is for you.

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