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Brave Nine is a game that takes place on Sky Island, and the player’s companions are the Mercenaries. You will set up tactics for these characters and go with them through many different levels. At the same time, during the game, you will ultimately be able to collect essential items in different modes, and one of them will be the material to summon the character. So players will take the time to build themselves a strong squad.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG


There are many things that you can find in the new season of Brave Nine and players will not be able to ignore them because it has a specific influence on the players’ gameplay. The first factor that we should mention is the Campaign element, and currently, some of its Chapters have added a Very Difficulty mode so that players can spend time to overcome with their teammates. At the same time, four Mercenary characters have been remade, bringing new tactics for those who are using them.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG


The character that will accompany the player to overcome the challenges of Brave Nine is the Mercenaries, who possess impressive and diverse powers. You will set up a squad with different characters and arrange them on a field divided into 15 different squares. At the same time, you can place your characters in different positions as you feel necessary, depending on their class characteristics. Specifically, characters holding shields will sometimes have better resistance than others.

Users will find different matches in each level, and the first mode you will experience is the Campaign mode. There will be levels that you will overcome with the Mercenaries and meet different requirements to achieve the most stars. At the same time, you will know the enemy’s position in advance to set up a reasonable strategy; after you have started the level, your job is only to see the battle’s outcome because an automatic mechanism operates the in-game mechanics.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG


An interesting point when players experience Brave Nine is that you will not play alone but will meet other characters in different types of matches. In each match, the roles of other players will be different. For example, in Arena mode, you will be with your Mercenary squad against other players. Of course, these matches will take a long time because the strength of the characters on both sides of the player will be powerful.

Another mode that many players should participate in are Raid matches and will often take place in Guild Raid mode. You will join your Guild to participate in battles in locations and can freely customize the enemy’s level. Of course, it would be a challenge where many people in a guild would take the time to solve it. At the same time, an interesting point when you experience the match is that you will have the opportunity to find impressive rewards, and one of them is the Premium Scroll.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG


When starting the game Brave Nine, the player will have a certain number of characters, including 3-star characters. Therefore, it is reasonable for you to summon other characters to increase the strength of the team. Character summoning will be divided into different banners, and each banner will have a summoning rate and various characters that you will need to pay attention to. In addition, character leveling will be increased if you have enough materials.

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