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Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Mod Apk: This is the most horrible prophecy, and it has been made a reality.

# Easiest to play, but hard to survive

Hardcore is Buriedbornes. Dungeon RPG.

Pick a job, and take on the challenge of the dungeon.

Use your skills and equipment to defeat evil enemies

With the help of synergy between equipments and skill, you can have both strategy and difficulty.

The most important thing in the Dungeon is choosing.

Are you up for a battle against the odds and preventing this unpredicted disaster from happening?

# Warfare against Buriedbornes

It is impossible for heroes to live forever.

The belongings of dead heroes will also be lost.

They will be Roaming Dead for you next enemy.

You can also earn supply.

Your message can be left for them. You will also receive messages from other people.

Soulstones can be used to purchase many different jobs.

# Playing

Make your hero.

– Choose room and move in dungeon.

You can choose skill to defeat your enemies. (Turn-based battle)

Choose from drop or event items.

By defeating the floor boss, you can move up floors.

At 10F, Kill Ancient Overload

# Buriedbornes can be played in a PC Web browser.

# Recycled Materials

# Copyright

Buriedbornes was written by ohNussy. All copyrights are owned by Nussygame.

It is against the law to distribute Buriedbornes beyond Google Play AppStore or mogera.jp.

Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Mod ApkDownload Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Mod Apk

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