Caribbean Hunt 10.0.3 APK (MOD free shopping) for android

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt strategy, which action happens in the waters of the Caribbean sea. The user will take on the role of captain of a pirate ship and do casework. A huge map is open for research. On it and need to deploy pirate activity. The player will be asked a lot of plot quests. Also have to search for treasures, hunting and fishing, capture of coastal towns and boarding enemy ships.

The game features a variety of ships. Not all of them are open at once, but to direct you to each of them. On Board the ship is to load the necessary equipment, including weapons and ammunition. All this will help to stay afloat and successfully carry out the naval battles. New inventory is acquired in the coast cities for the money purchased for sbychu conquered prey.

The Pirate: Caribbean – a great strategy about the life of pirates, with beautiful visual and a physical model, and an interesting plot. It will certainly appeal to fans of sea adventures.

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