Charlotte Flair Talks About Babyface Work On WWE SmackDown

Charlotte Flair has built a Hall of Fame-worthy career without enjoying a solid baby face run. WWE. The Queen is typically locked into her villain role, although the other members of the four equestrian women – along with Alexa Bliss, Ronda Rousey, Asuka and even Emma – can try characters from both sides of the spectrum. A perfect heel, one of the best of the modern era, mixing a smug silver spoon personality with outstanding in-ring skills. Charlotte Flair is a 14-time World Champion in the WWE, and her current run is her first run as a real, borderline, baby face happy to be here.

This is a big change for Flair, and he spoke to Joseph Staszewski recently. New York Post About what it felt like to be applauded on his return on December 30.I was so touched that it really changed the direction I wanted to go when I came back. Okay, let your guard down, lower your chin a little. I mean, let people in and try to go where this is going.“Charlotte Flair emphasized that she wanted to make the most of her baby-face show while audiences craved it.”Seeing that the reaction is still going on. I’m just like ‘go with it’. Don’t force anything. For the first time I feel really right in the good guy role. I’m not saying how long this will last, but it feels that way right now.

Babyface Charlotte Fair Makes Royal Rumble Interesting

The backlash Flair will get makes WWE wary of turning their heels. He’s been a bad guy for so long that when Charlotte does come back, she may not return to this spot. He was gone for seven months, giving fans enough time to miss him. Audience reactions have gone beyond the usual injury-return pop and they seem to really be supporting him, this weekend royal noise The game is more enjoyable. Bianca Belair RawThe Women’s Champion and the flag are planted firmly in the babyface area. It’s as natural a face as Flair has a heel.

This means: WrestleMania Season 2, WWE has babyface female champions at both brands, and many are favourites. royal noise Winners who fall on the lighter side of character alignment. The biggest exception is betting favorite Rhea Ripley entering the weekend. But things could get interesting if Triple H decides to go the other way. For example, what if Beth Phoenix gets her revenge on Ripley for eliminating him? extreme rules? That could leave the door open for someone like Becky Lynch or Raquel Rodriguez, who are both faces, to win.

WWE doesn’t tend to book face vs. face or heel etc. Heel fights like AEW’s do, which can create a bit of intrigue at first. Royal noise. Especially if the plan is to keep Charlotte Flair baby-faced for now. Still, as she said, she focused on enjoying the run as long as it made sense. Like WWE fans are all too aware, few wrestlers can hit the heel button faster and more effectively than Flair. Charlotte was not scheduled to appear in the series. royal noise match, but it could still make its presence felt.

Source: New York Post

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