Cooking Diary MOD APK v2.5.1 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)

Show your ultimate cooking skills in Cooking Diary MOD APK and become the most famous super chef in the world. Download this fascinating game now to satisfy your culinary passion.

About Cooking Diary MOD APK

Cooking games are not new in gameplay but still create a separate charm. Today, I would like to introduce to you a game called Cooking Diary from MYTONA. Cooking Diary is not only a cooking game but also a very interesting restaurant management simulation game. You will be both a chef and a talented manager. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

Cooking recipe

Your previous generations were also talented chefs. Thanks to top-notch heirloom cooking recipes, your family has established a famous restaurant called Tasty Hills. And it’s time for the department to take over the massive family fortune and help it grow even more. This will be very difficult because you also have to find ways to deal with other competitors when they are trying to “put” your business down.

Become a professional chef

To help the restaurant grow day by day, you will have to make sure to please the most demanding guests. They can be anyone, even the representatives of famous newspapers as well as food critics.

You will have to work both as a chef in the restaurant as well as a manager. Try to cook as quickly as possible because our guests are not very patient. If they wait too long, they will get frustrated and leave. This will directly affect the reputation of the restaurant.

If you serve your customer’s delicious food, they’ll come back. Help the restaurant become stronger than ever thanks to your great cooking talent. Especially, conquer fastidious culinary critics, will help the restaurant’s reputation soar.

Cooking competitions

In addition to performing the assigned tasks, you can also prove your super cooking skills in other cooking competitions. There will be a lot of great chefs in Tasty Hills participating so it will be very competitive and fierce.

Decorate your restaurant

Not only delicious dishes but also the space of the restaurant is an equally important factor. Turn the restaurant into luxury with modern furniture. Adding more entertainment services such as live music to make customer waiting times more enjoyable. Surely the guests who come to enjoy at your restaurant will be impressed and want to come back many more times.

Customize your character

In Cooking Diary, you will become the most fashionable chef. Change your character’s style with hundreds of outfits with various accessories. Costumes, hairstyles, skin color, eye color, and even other faces,…

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK for Android

I personally find Cooking Diary a great entertaining, fun, and lively game. The game opens a diverse culinary world with many interesting stories for players to explore. If you love cooking games, don’t miss this fascinating game.

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