DC Comics Has A Long History Of Racism In Comics Featuring Shazam, Batman, Superman & More

DC is one of the two prominent comic book companies in the world. Their only equal is Marvel. But the two companies don’t always see eye to eye with each other; however, they do mishaps that make fans look eye to eye with them. DC was the first one to bring superhero comics to the world, and they were also the first ones to make blunders you might not expect. Just talking about Shazam wouldn’t even cover the things they have said in their stories, so we will talk about other things that the company has done.

And it would be unfair to only talk about DC in this regard and leave out Marvel. They have done their share of stuff that makes you wonder what the heck editors were thinking. Will we cover One More Day, then? Not really; this article is dedicated to discriminatory views that the companies published. Also, One More Day is a solipsistic mishap that even Stan Lee can’t fix.

1942’s DC Comics Featured Shazam Owning A Slave

The title of the article and a perfect one to start with, as Black Adam is nearing its release. For those who may not know, Black Adam is part of the same family Shazam is part of. And as you may guess, they had a connection that goes way back. But this particular section talks about Shazam having a slave and all the stereotypes put into one place.

The comic strip says for itself. Billy is seen walking in and out of the room, treating his slave as a mere extra. But what’s worse is the depiction of the Steamboat. We won’t describe it; the picture speaks for itself.

Shazam Owning A Slave

CC: America’s Greatest Comics Franchise

One of Bucky’s Questionable Sidekicks, Whitewash

Before he was Winter Soldier, he was captain America’s sidekick and fought Nazis. But the comics have a lot of history and this particular moment is on the bad side of things. Bucky had four sidekicks, and all of them are stereotypes one way or the other.

Whitewash (that is his name, yes) is shown as someone who can talk to things no matter what it is. We don’t know if it was a jab at his intelligence or saying his dumbness is his power. And then there is the name…

Bucky's Sidekicks

CC: Young Allies

Lois Lane Becoming *And* Going through Dilemma

Who we are born is not in our hands; this is a common talking point and a good one. But making one of the most prominent characters going through a skin color change and displaying it as a crisis scenario? That’s not something you see in comics these days. But for Lois Lane, it was an alien experience along with an existential crisis. Not a good way to generate Empathy DC. But if you think that was bad, you have yet to see Batman. But before that, let’s talk about another one from Marvel.

Lois Lane Going Black

CC: Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane Franchise

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Falcon’s Origin was Retconned

Superhero origins get retconned all the time; it is a thing of necessity at this point. The point is to make them relatable to the younger audience of the new generation. But what happened to Falcon was way worse than anyone could imagine. Falcon was created as an upstanding person who fought alongside for the things he believed in. However, when the character’s Reins were given to Steve Englehart, things changed drastically. He was relocated to Los Angeles and seemed to be working with the bad side. The caveat being it was never confirmed to be true.

Falcon Pimp

CC: Captain America Franchise

Black Lightning Was the Superman for the non-Posh Metropolis

Okay, this one is a bit of an exaggeration but hear us out. Back in the day, Superman would deal with crime at Metropolis but only on the North side. The south side, Suicide Slum, was untouched, and the crime prospers as Superman wouldn’t go down there. And then there comes the Black Lightning, a Superhero born in the dark side of Metropolis dealing with its problems. Though that is not the new series that got released as the TV version originated from Freeland. The irony is not lost in this one.

Black Lightning Origins

CC: Black Lightning Franchise

Batman Didn’t Mind killing Asians

Spider-Man must be happy to know their character’s history is the cleanest there is. Batman fans, however, discover some dirty secret related to the cape crusader now and then. The biggest one was Bob Kane’s greed which left Bill Finger poor and his early death.

Batman Killing

CC: Detective Comics

This is one of the lesser crimes committed by the Dark Knight himself. Batman has a no Kill Rule, and here he is, killing the Chinese by letting them fall. And in another panel, he falls on them.

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