Dead Space Remake Achievements Mark Possible New End

The upcoming Dead Space remake may offer an alternate ending, according to the awards roster. According to the listing announced by TrueTrophies and discovered by TheGamer, the highly anticipated remake comes with a reward called Reunion and unlocks when the player “sees alternate endings on any difficulty mode”. Developer EA Motive has yet to comment on the latest discovery.

While the developers of the remake stated that they made a number of additions to the original, they did not comment on offering a brand new ending for their long-awaited game. However, newly found success data suggests that it is actually an alternate ending to Dead Space. It’s also worth noting that the original game didn’t have such success, and that there’s only one ending for every player to see, no matter how they survive their journey on the USG Ishimura.

Fans of the 2008 survival horror game will remember that the themes of merging and merging are emphasized in the atmosphere of the game. Thus, the success may refer to the conclusion of the protagonist Isaac Clarke’s desperate search for his partner aboard the plagued ship. In any case, the developers at Motive appear to believe that the highly influential game deserves a different ending, even though the original game received positive reviews from fans and critics.

Ahead of the game’s release, the developers have released an official launch trailer that showcases some of the original game’s most memorable scenes. In their other videos, the developers have also detailed how they’re rethinking certain concepts that are fundamental to the Dead Space series.

From Isaac Clarke’s RIG to the condensed director’s system, the remake looks set to introduce a plethora of innovations while trying to stay true to the original. In a recent blog post, Chief Designer Catherine Stewart said the developers “have struck a really good balance” when it comes to taking new approaches and changing things up in the original Dead Space. Stewart also said that Visceral Games isn’t trying to change what works in the sci-fi classic and instead focuses on what they can bring to the table to enrich the experience. While recent information speaks optimistically about the game, history calls for fans to be cautious when it comes to remakes and remakes.

EA Motive’s revisit of the cult-classic survival horror game launches January 27 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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