Digimon Survive: How to Get Megadramon

There aren’t many Digimon that look as intimidating as Megadramon, with his rocket-firing arms and snake-like back end showing he’s serious. It is easily one of the most striking Agumon developments in Digimon survivehowever, due to the way the game’s karma system affects certain Digitations, many players may not have a chance to experience the Dragon Digimon’s full power for themselves.

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Thankfully, Digivolving Agumon isn’t the only way players can add a Megadramon to their team. You can either befriend and evolve Perfect Enlightenment Slabs with one of Agumon’s champion forms, or go straight to the source and befriend Megadramon in a Free Battle or Shadow Random Encounter. To do the latter, however, they may need some help figuring out the best answers to Megadramon’s questions.

How to befriend Megadramon in Digimon Survive

The key to befriending any Digimon Digimon survive is to earn his respect, which can be achieved by speaking to him in battle. When players select the “Speak” option, they are given the opportunity to respond to three of the Digimon’s questions or statements, with each of their responses causing the bar above its head to either increase or decrease. The best possible answers fill the bar by two segments, with three or more segments to be filled in order for players to have a chance to ask the Digimon to become their friend.

Generally the best way to befriend a Digimon Digimon survive is to empathize with it, to show that humans and Digimon actually have a lot in common. That’s not the case with Megadramon, however, as the Android Digimon is actually more responsive to players who don’t agree with it and highlighting how different they are. Players can use this information to figure out the best Megadramon answers, or alternatively find them all in the table below.

question / statement best answer
I don’t want to do anything but fun things! you too, right? I am not like you.
This is my territory! Leave something to eat and get out of here! you give me food
arrrgh! Graaaargh! Everyone else just gets in my way! Calm down already!
Did you know? Napping after stuffing your face is just the best! It’s bad for your gut.
I will pulverize you! Gwaaahahahaha! Not if I hit you!
Uurrgh… waiting around is driving me crazy! I can’t say right now…
Aren’t you a fragile looking thing. are you eating enough meat I eat everything!

Where to find Megadramon in Digimon Survive?

Similar to Gigadramon, Megadramon appears in Free Battles from Part 7 onwards. There really isn’t much to separate the two Android Digimon. So if players already have a Gigadramon on their team, they might just want to forego Megadramon to save themselves a little time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a particularly good item either, as players can only expect prime ribs if they ask for an item.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Digimon Survive: How to Get Megadramon

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