Director Says Cloverfield Scared Steven Spielberg

Nearly 15 years after terrifying audiences, director Matt Reeves explains: clover field I was terrified of Steven Spielberg. The 2008 film focused on a group of twenties who turn into a night of survival in New York City as a huge monster destroys the metropolitan area along with other equally dangerous little creatures. Directed by Reeves in a script from the future cabin in the woods writer/director Drew Goddard, clover field It received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences alike at the time of its release for its fast pace and blending of an old-fashioned creature feature with a Found image style. Blair Witch projectcarried it to a solid box office gross of just over $172 million worldwide.

talking to ComingSoon.net Matt Reeves recalled Steven Spielberg’s empathetic response to this question to discuss the film’s 15th anniversary. clover field. Original clover field The director said he received a call from producer Bryan Burk stating that Spielberg wanted to speak to him directly, and when he met him, he told him that the 2008 movie “”scared me so muchCheck out what Reeves has shared below:

Bryan Burk called me from the set of Star Trek. [Spielberg] JJ was sitting with the writers and Bryan and he was like, ‘Oh hey, where’s the director of Cloverfield? I want to talk to him. ‘You better come to Paramount right now,’ said Bryan. Spielberg asks where you are.’ ‘Ah! Ok!’ So I went there and I was just sitting there and then he turned to me and after we talked, he gave them a lot of input about the script and all, and he was really nice. Then he turned to me, ‘Wait, so you directed Cloverfield?’ I said yes, too. ‘You scared me a lot,’ he says. I was like, ‘Oh’. That was great. There was no greater compliment I could receive. I scared Steven Spielberg. That was great.

Cloverfield’s Legacy Revealed

As well as reanimating the found image type as well as similar abnormal activity previous year, clover field He rose to prominence for using a viral marketing campaign to promote the movie. From the shot under multiple working titles to the teaser trailer shown earlier transformers and creating multiple websites with hidden clues about the nature of the film sparked many conversations about what to expect from the secret project. Different Blair Witch project But before that, clover fieldRather than offering any direct details, ‘s viral marketing intrigued about the world surrounding the story, which ultimately led to the movie’s box office success.

This success is also clover field The franchise essentially consists of two anthological follow-ups that are tied together by tone. 10 Cloverfield Laneruled by the future Victim Director Dan Trachtenberg starred as a psychological horror film about a young woman who is imprisoned in an underground bunker by a man who believes something extraterrestrial is taking place and traps them there. Cloverfield Paradox It was orbiting a group of astronauts on a space station who found that the Earth had mysteriously disappeared. While the former received rave reviews from both critics and audiences, the latter received generally negative reviews but did not completely kill the franchise.

What’s Next for the Cloverfield Dealership?

After years of playing around with possible connections between various movies and other projects, Overlord and A Quiet PlaceA fourth in early 2021 clover field Although the film was not shot in the same found image style, it was in the works to be a direct sequel to the original. RitualJoe Barton was attached to write the script for the new movie. under the shadeBabak Anvari was appointed director last September, and Barton confirmed a month later that he is on his final tour. clover field 2 Script revisions and production would begin soon. Considering the privacy that goes in clover field The franchise seems unlikely to reveal a production start date until the movie’s release, leaving viewers to revisit the previous three movies on Pluto TV and Netflix in the meantime.

Source: ComingSoon.net

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