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Official trailer for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves published with many different story tips and explanations about the wider D&D universe. The film, which will be directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, will take place in the setting of the famous Forgotten Realms campaign of the USA. Dungeons and Dragons Universe. The film focuses on Chris Pine’s Bard Edgin and his need to assemble a team of thieves after unwittingly unwittingly unleashed evil into the world.

The movie will be released in March 2023 and will try to get a head start. Dungeons and Dragons film series. After the recent success of Amazon Prime The Legend of Vox Machina, D&D-Inspired adaptations seem to be getting more and more popular. With many Easter eggs and wider references Dungeons and Dragons Along with lots of story tips for this special movie, lore, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ The official trailer is full of revelations and secrets.

15 Honor Among Thieves Will Follow Classic D&D Unpredictability

One thing that immediately becomes clear Honor among thieves This is how the classic will follow D&D unpredictability of campaigns. The trailer begins with Chris Pine’s Edgin and Michelle Rodriguez’s Holga being arrested and nearly executed by soldiers. As is known from the marketing materials, the movie will show the duo assembling a team to save the world. These totally polar opposite situations emphasize the unpredictability. D&D Campaigns that can see players move from one extreme to the other, often in hilarious situations.

14 Michelle Rodriguez’s Holga is the Main Force of the Team

This scene, where Holga and Edgin are nearly executed, also highlights that Holga will be the main force of the team. The scene then sees Holga dispatch the guards tasked with executing the two with relative ease, as well as with their hands tied. This goes hand in hand with Eding’s hilarious and pathetic attempts to free himself from his chains as he connects with Holga’s Barbarian. D&D role. In the original game, the Barbarians come to life in the heat of battle and are even able to infuse themselves with superhuman strength and stamina.

13 Red Mages To Be Honored Among The Thieves’ Main Villains

something that Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ The main trailer clearly reveals the nature of the movie’s villains. After just mentioning that the main group helped the wrong person steal the wrong thing, this trailer makes it clear that the villain in question is a Crimson Sorcerer. Inside D&D Legend has it that Crimson Mages existed in the Forgotten Realms environment and were the treacherous magocrat ruling class of Thay. Most of their numbers are devoted to a certain type of magic.

12 Honor Among Thieves’ Red Mages To Watch D&D Lore

This magic is sorcery, Crimson Mages often devote themselves to creating a nation of undead soldiers. In the trailer, Regé-Jean Page’s Xenk explains that the Crimson Sorcerers did just that, building an army of undead warriors to take over the world. This proves how Honor among thieves He will take liberties using certain elements in the lore of the Forgotten Realms, simply by changing them to fit the story of the movie.

As mentioned, Paladin Xenk appears to be somehow connected to the Crimson Mages. This is alluded to in the trailer where Xenk knows most about the Crimson Mages, their plans, and their powers. It is shown that Xenk gives this information to other characters and can connect with them through his Paladin past. Paladins are known to be excellent fighters, with both their weapons and their spells. Paladins also take an oath to fight evil and protect the innocent, possibly related to Xenk’s dedication to stopping the Crimson Mages. Honor among thieves.

10 Edgin and Holga Team Up Against the Red Wizards

Alongside Xenk, Edgin, and Holga, other team members will gather to counter the Crimson Wizards and save the realm. These consist of Justice Smith as Simon the Sorcerer. Inside D&D, Wizards are a class of occult spellcasters who are usually born with innate magical abilities, unlike other mages such as Wizards. The other team member is Doric, a Druid. Druids are similar to Sorcerers in that they wield incredible occult power, but these powers often come from a connection with nature, gods, or spirits.

9 Hugh Grant’s Villain Rogue Will Put Team In A Colosseum

Alongside Thay’s Crimson Wizard, Hugh Grant’s Forge Fitzwilliam the Rogue will also be an antagonist in the movie. At some point, Fitzwilliam will take over the center team and place them in a coliseum to face off against multiple teams. D&D creatures. Since Fitzwilliam is a Rogue, D&D Masters of stealth and other tricks, the film will most likely portray him as a survivalist, possibly selfishly serving the Crimson Wizard in exchange for his life. He may also have been wronged by the band of thieves, leading him to use the colosseum as revenge.

8 Chris Pine’s Edgin The Bard Will Have A Tragic Past

One of the few clues to the characters’ backstories. Honor among thieves, out of their knowledge D&D The classes arrive in the official trailer for Edgin the Bard. At one point, Edgin reveals to Simon that he has lost everything important to him and that if they fail, it will be nothing. This is accompanied by a shot of the person presumed to be Edgin’s wife. This points to a tragic past or potential motivation prior to his days as a thief. for His stealing will be affected by his choices and unleashing the power of the Crimson Mages.

7 Honor Among Thieves Offers a Bigger Look at Doric’s Owlbear Form

Something confirmed from the first trailer Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Doric the Druid can shapeshift into an Owlbear. All Druids have the ability to shapeshift into any of nature’s creatures, with Doric mostly using his Owlbear form. Inside D&DOwl bears are wild, ferocious wild animals often seen as some of the most feared predators in the realm. This has sparked some controversy, with Owlbears being classified as monstrosities rather than monsters.

6 Honor Highlights a Displaced Beast Among Thieves

another classic D&D The creature shown in the trailer Honor among thieves is a Displaced beast. In the movie, a Displacer monster will face off against the team in the aforementioned colosseum setting. Migrating monsters are large, cat-like creatures with two tentacles emerging from their shoulders and ending with pointed edges. The trailer shows this monster attacking Doric and Simon as they dive into another familiar area. D&D creature.

5 Classic D&D Monster Gelatinous Cube Will Look Honorably Among Thieves

That monster is a gelatinous cube, a mindless, mysterious creature made of gelatinous matter, feeding everything and everyone in the realm. Gelatinous cubes are mindless predators that roam ancient cellars and besiege anything in their path. Some extra powerful creatures can avoid falling into the trap of a Gelatinous cube, as will likely happen here. Honor among thieves Dor and Simon are enveloped.

4 Holga Will Confront a Mimic Among Thieves

Another D&D The creature shown to exist in the movie’s colosseum sequence is a Mimic. Mimics are strange hunters who take the form of ordinary household items to attract their prey, often depicted as a kind of chest. It is shown Honor among thievesHolga in chest form fighting a Mimic.

3 Honor Among Thieves Classic D&D Charm, Bigby’s Hand Features

Honor among thieves’ The trailer showcases an iconic D&D Magic was made famous by the online Critical Role campaigns Bigby’s Hand. Bigby’s Hand is a spell that allows the caster to summon a giant hand that can be used in a variety of ways. From attacking enemies to helping allies, Bigby’s Hand is pretty useful. In the trailer, the Red Wizard creates a giant red hand to capture Doric, possibly referring to Bigby’s Hand.

2 Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Will Become the Red Dragon Among Thieves

finish kick Honor among thieves The trailer features a classic creature, a red dragon. Dungeons and Dragons lore. In the original game, Red dragons are evil creatures who are only concerned with their own survival and expanding their treasure hoards. In many different lands, Red dragons are often considered the archetypal evil dragon, as they are the largest and most powerful. This Honor among thieves The trailer ends with a red dragon attacking the center team of the movie.

one Honor Among Thieves Nailed a D&D Campaign

Last thing for trailer Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves The highlight is how perfectly it captures the air. D&D campaigns. Usually, Dungeon Masters D&D The campaigns try to tell epic stories that result in lots of silly features added by the players. This makes most D&D campaigns are equally epic and stupid, something Honor among thieves’ trailer catches perfectly. From Edgin’s silly jokes to epic battle scenes, the movie seems to capture the feel of the classic perfectly. D&D campaigns for the big screen.

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