Doom Fan ports the FPS to a Teeny Tiny Game System

The age-old question of the limits of possibility demise Can it be ported is still being tested as a fan took it upon himself to make the legendary FPS playable on a key ring sized gaming system. With id Software reportedly working on a new project, many will be speculating as to whether the studio will be bringing more Doom Slayer exploits to the world again. Maybe the developer is trying to bring it back quake or maybe work on something else. However, there is no way of knowing this yet.


Meanwhile, fans are still enamored with what is widely considered the most influential first-person shooter in gaming history. But it doesn’t end with people just playing the game the way it’s intended. There were so many wild devices that demise made playable, it seems the 1993 classic can run on pretty much any machine thrown at it. Everything from smartwatches to treadmills to a John Deere tractor and even a drive-in version Minecraft have proven how versatile the game is.

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Now someone else is putting that versatility to the test. In a post on Twitter, user SunnyChow uploaded a short clip demise runs on what appears to be a very small Game Boy-like system. In fact, it’s even smaller since the user’s thumbs obscure the micro device. When asked by others what the game actually runs on, SunnyChow says they ported it to a Thumby, which the manufacturer’s website describes as a “small gaming system” that was obviously modeled after Nintendo’s retro handheld console. The user on Twitter says that this particular device has a web-based editor and emulator that enabled them to code demise thereon.

Over the years, the release of id has seen a number of iterations. There were a lot of mods and, like in this example, a lot of fans trying to run the game on something that isn’t a standard PC. When demise First released, not only was it instrumental in shaping the FPS genre, but it also paved the way for early online multiplayer at a time when it was much less common, and that legacy is still alive today sense.

That’s hard to believe demise turns 30 this year, as do some of his contemporaries Mortal Kombat 2, star foxand The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Despite its age, people have by no means forgotten this legendary shooter, and no doubt many will continue to modify and port it.

demise was released in 1993 and is available on multiple platforms.

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