Download DJ Music Mixer & Beat Maker MOD APK 3.0

DJ Music Mixer – Music & Beat Maker packs a full DJ kit into your mobile phone. And that’s without sacrificing a single music mixer feature. Imagine it! Your fingertips can make songs and remix tracks just like a pro, except instead of a vast kit, you just need one little smartphone!

DJ Music Mixer & Beat Maker

Our Music & Beat Maker app will teach you to create your songs and play different music tracks. Just choose your favorite genres and tap on the pads to make beats and create music! Experiment, mix styles, create incredible melodies and master your beat-making skills step by step with Groovepad.

DJ Pro Music Mixer & Beat Maker: Mix Music & Tracks! Remix Songs: No Ads

DJ Music Mixer – Music & Beat Maker is a free, robust, and powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs which enables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music in the palm of your hands. Designed to be user-friendly, social, and responsive, you now have the keys to mix your music and rule the party.

Key Features of DJ Music Mixer & Beat Maker

– 3D Dj Music Mixer Pad
– Bass booster equalizer high-quality DJ
– Virtual DJ Mixer
– Drum Pad
– High-quality Drum Pad
– Simple and Quality Music Player
– Virtual Beat Maker
– Support for all major audio formats.
– Built-in sounds on music remix pads will help you to diversify the music
– Realistic sound effects, similar to the DJ remix decks
– Real crossfader with 2 virtual mixer TURNTABLES
– Cue function for looping right pieces
– 3D DJ app – DJ Mixer changes the tempo and pitch in real-time music recorder
– DJ mixer with music you send DJ music mixer
– Real-time visualization and spectrum analyzers 6 band equalizer
– Sync function for entire synchronization
– Search music for the album, folder, genres
– 3D DJ Music Mixer Search Music DJ

Other Features

– Bass Booster & Music Equalizer
– Music Player with all functions
– Music Drumpad with Various Effects
– Music Beat Maker
– Groovepad – music & beat maker

Privacy Friendly :

This app doesn’t collect any user data or connect to anything on the user’s device (contacts etc). It doesn’t even need an internet connection. It is a wholly contained app using only the files contained within it.

3D DJ Music Mixer & Virtual DJ Mixer with Equalizer & Bass Booster is the all-new and the very best DJ software for all your party nights. Get the Beginners DJ Software and start your party today with the all-new Dj Song Mixer & Controller.

DJ Music Mixer – Music & Beat Maker is an application with features remixes of the song, the beginning, and the loop to create, save, and playlists. it’s easy for amateur DJ lovers and comes with many features try it now you will love this DJ simulator app and make music professionally.

All features are packed in just less than 35 MB (for less the download time and minimum use of phone storage memory)

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