Download Township 9.7.5 APK (MOD money/menu) for android

Township – a fascinating city-building simulator. The player is invited to sit in the mayor’s chair and take responsibility for the development of infrastructure and trade, so that the town flourished and turned into a huge metropolis. Gameplay is the construction of various buildings and architectural structures. In addition, it is necessary to engage in the production of goods to ensure economic growth and well-being of citizens.

The final product can and should be sold so that the Treasury is not empty. The funds are invested in the development of the city, which involves the construction of houses, new factories, as well as entertainment facilities, parks and monuments. The game has excellent graphics and animation. The city is full of life, and watch this very interesting.

Performing various tasks, the player increases his level, thereby opening new types of buildings, factories and structures. There are also real architectural monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty, putting that you can create a unique metropolis. Township – a great simulator that combines economic and urban components. It will definitely appeal to all fans of the genre.

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