Download Water Tracker – Water Reminder Pro MOD APK 2.11

Water Tracker – Water Reminder Pro Mod Apk will help you lose weight, keep fit, and stay hydrated daily. Water drinking reminder tracks your water diet and promotes health benefits like diabetes prevention. The drink water app will track daily water intake using a single tap water logging. The H2O diet encourages weight loss and prevents dehydration by reminding you to drink water, so you never get thirsty. Would you like to experience natural H2O hydration and have healthy skin and healthy nails, while earning additional kidney stone prevention and diabetes prevention?

Water Tracker - Water Reminder Pro MOD APK

Drink Water Reminder – Water Tracker and Diet features:

  • Water Calculator – Automatically calculates your required daily water intake to ensure optimal weight loss and diabetes prevention using a clean water diet.
  • Water drinking reminder – The water reminder app will remind you to drink water. The water app reminder is fully customizable.
  • Water tracker – Log daily water intake by using our single tap water logging system to track every single glass of H2O and reach the hydration goal determined by the water calculator.
  • Statistics – Drink Water Reminder app keeps track of your daily water intake logged using a water tracker and calculates daily goal progress and long-term statistics of your water diet.
  • Achievements – Make progress in the drink water app. Level up your H2O avatar and achieve water-drinking reminder milestones.
  • Quick logging – Use widgets and notification buttons to log your H2O intake quickly and get health benefits like diabetes prevention from your hydration diet.
  • Customizable units – Choose between imperial (fl oz) and metric (ml) units for the water tracker and reminder.

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