Dragon Ball GT Rejects Frieza’s Worst Action (But It’s Not What You Think)

frisia He did not commit any evil acts throughout his career. dragon ball The villain is the worst thing he’s ever done, even though he’s actually saved Dragon Ball GT– just not what fans expected.

after making his debut Dragon Ball Z (and even a while ago), it became clear that Frieza was someone not to mess with. Frieza was a cosmic tyrant who ruled over many planets in the universe, which meant she was somehow stronger than any of them, as well as having the strongest warriors fighting in her army. in the early days Dragon Ball ZAfter the Saiyan race nearly disappeared after their planet was destroyed, Frieza had several Saiyans working for her. At that time, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Goku, and Goku’s son Gohan were the only Saiyans left in the universe (minus Broly, but would not be officially introduced. Dragon Ball Super) and three of the Saiyans worked for Frieza. But in the first few minutes DBZ episodes, both Nappa and Raditz were killed off, never returning to continuity again, and Vegeta switched sides. Vegeta betrayed Frieza and teamed up with the Z-Fighters to kill him – and he did so only because the tyrant discovered the worst thing he’s ever done: Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and virtually destroyed the entire Saiyan race.

Inside Dragon Ball GT Season 1, episode 30 (Written by Atsushi Maekawa, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), it is assumed that Goku died after the evil Baby-Vegeta – Vegeta and GT‘s most powerful Machine Mutant Baby threw a dark-energy Soul Bomb (known as the Revenge Death Ball) at him and sent Goku to a completely different dimension. After the greatest threat to Baby-Vegeta’s power was seemingly overcome, Baby-Vegeta brought back Planet Vegeta to repopulate Planet Vegeta with mind-controlled humans and Saiyans of Planet Earth using the unique power of the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Baby-Vegeta Takes Back Frieza’s Planet-Destroying Crime, But in a Different Way

While it is true that Baby-Vegeta technically brought back Planet Vegeta, he did not wish to resurrect the Saiyan race that Frieza had driven into extinction, quite the opposite. Long ago, the Saiyans invaded a world called Planet Plant and destroyed the indigenous life there, an alien race known as the Tuffles. After the Tuffles were eradicated, the Saiyans claimed Planet Plant as theirs and renamed it Planet Vegeta. With the introduction of Baby Dragon Ball GTFans learn that they created Baby to be the perfect Saiyan killing machine before the last of the Tuffles was killed, and also acted as the Tuffles’ savior as he was the only one who could restore their world and defeat the evil Saiyans. .once and for all.

Baby-Vegeta brought back the physical planet Frieza destroyed, thus making up for the most sinister act in Frieza’s history. dragon ball–However, the trick is that despite this Dragon Ball GT The villain brought the planet back, unable to undo the damage Frieza had done to the Saiyan race, and even proved to be a greater threat to the Saiyans than it was. frisia it was never

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