Dungeon and Pixel Hero v12.2.8 MOD APK (One Hit, Much Money) Download

Dungeon and Pixel Hero is a perfect game with a combination of RPG and clicker for players to have exciting experiences. Pixel art is designed in the old form with a unique portrait mode, many dangerous opponents, and a diverse level system. You will be able to gain many loots and powerful abilities as a hero to fight the monsters and the undead.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero


Not only will you trample your enemies, but you will also apply special skills, use consumables, and increase your strength to take on every monster. You will face dangerous opponents in countless battles or fight powerful monsters. To defeat them, you must be well-armed and armed and develop combat skills for him.


You will put on heavy armor, fight any enemy that disturbs their peace, and collect gold trophies with regular campaigns. The campaigns take place in many different locations, and the number of monsters will gradually increase with the level to challenge the player. Collecting a gold trophy will help you increase your chances of mission success and become the strongest hero in the game.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero


You can easily control with one hand and kill all monsters with your weapons and skills. In addition to upgrading weapons and equipment, you also have to mine many other items to get free gems, which help you unlock new skills. Besides, the optimization feature is upgraded to kill time with the auto hunts and 1.5x faster speed, which makes it easy to defeat every monster in a short time and win many attractive trophies.


  • Action RPG Weapon Collection: Collect different weapons and objects to conquer dungeons, defeat evil monsters and restore peace to the world.
  • Buy new armor, find rare weapons, and unique battle skills to increase your chances of success, each allowing the player to customize the way you want the hero to use.
  • Playing the game is easy with just one hand; you need to move your finger and tap to destroy the enemy, and the game interface is very eye-catching and vivid, attracting players.
  • A variety of weapon and equipment upgrades for you to make, making your character more robust, and a mining system to get free gems.
  • The game has optimized battles to pass the time with automatic hunting and a 1.5x fire rate so you can quickly win and defeat all enemies.

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