Easiest and hardest escape from the Tarkov bosses

Escape from Tarkov has been trapped in an ever-evolving beta stage for years, first launching in 2016. Arguably the leading title in its genre, it stands firmly as the definitive hardcore survival looter shooter game out there. As a PvPvE title, players can play in Escape from Tarkov have to fight for their lives against human and AI enemies, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which of them is tougher.

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In the world of Tarkov, there are multiple bosses of all shapes and sizes. From the stealthy, sneaky cultists to the uncompromising, gun-firing jerks, there are many threats that players must face in every single heist they venture on. Each boss character has their own skills, weapons, and behaviors that can often make them a nightmare in battle, but among them earn the prize of being the toughest boss Tarkov?

8th Reshala

Reshala is probably the first boss that players will encounter soonest Tarkov raids. This is because it only exists within the confines of Customs, a map that many consider to be the “starter” map Tarkov. He’s a cocky, cunning character who goes nowhere without his guards, who are there to make fighting him an absolute must. However, once the guards are eliminated, Reshala is no longer as menacing, and depending on where he spawns, he can be eliminated with ease.

There are two locations Reshala can take in Customs: Dormitories and New Gas. When he’s in the dorms, it’s a matter of wandering through the door and “point-firing” his entire crew, or leaning through a door and taking them down one at a time. When he’s at New Gas, there are several “peeks” that can be used to gain an advantage over the entire five-man squad. It’s all about shooting accurately and staying low, but ultimately Reshala is a relatively easy kill.

7 tagille

Tagilla is a scary boss when encountered early or unexpectedly, but he’s actually a teddy bear. He’s one of the few bosses that spawns without guards, and he only appears on the smallest map in the game – Factory. He’ll most likely emerge from behind a crate while swinging his signature sledgehammer, but if a player goes in well-equipped, killing him shouldn’t be all that difficult.

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When a player first encounters Tagilla, it will most likely result in a blind burst of fire into their high tier armor or face mask, which usually doesn’t do much at all. Tagilla’s weakness is his legs, but it takes a few shots to bring him down. As a boss, Tagilla has one of the highest health numbers in the game – a whopping 1220 HP.

6 cultist priest

For many players, the Cultist Priest will never, ever be seen. This can be for one of two reasons: either the player doesn’t raid at night or they just didn’t encounter the cultists. They boast a remarkably low spawn chance – only 2% on some maps, and they only spawn at night. However, if they spawn and randomly notice the player, it can result in a horrific experience.

Not much is known about the cultists and their mysterious behavior, but what is known to be terrifying. They spawn in groups of three to five, with a Cultist Priest leading the charge. They are mostly all the same and choose to hide in the dark and strike out with knives as a silent force, but the Priest is a different race. He wields a poisonous blade that damages a player long after they’ve won the fight, assuming they even manage to win it…

5 Sanitary

By numbers alone, Sanitar is the toughest boss in the whole country Tarkov, with 1270 hp and two heavily armed guards. However, there are a few tricks that can be used to kill him with relative ease, provided the attacking player is well armed and generally good at the game. Sanitar spawns on Shoreline, an inherently dangerous, PvP-focused map, and it can spawn in three different locations completely randomly.

It’s important to try to kill Sanitar’s guards first, but since they have a medical background, both Sanitar and his accomplices are experts at healing. If a player gives them a break, they’ll run into a dark corner and patch right back together. You can also use injectors, which apply buffs at any given moment and increase the danger of the fight. Should Sanitar spawn at Pier or Village, Player can Snipe him and his guards, but when he shows up in “Resort,” it can make for a much tougher fight.

4 kill

Killa is Tagilla’s brother, but he is a completely different breed. He spawns on Interchange, which is already a pretty scary map for new players, but the real kick is that he can spawn almost anywhere, anytime. He’s not tied to very specific locations like other bosses, and can appear literally anywhere he’s least expected. Not only that, but he’s also a top marksman, often wielding a gun with a huge magazine, and wearing some of the toughest and coolest armor in the game.

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Unfortunately, killing Killa is a serious task for any player, regardless of their experience in Escape from Tarkov. He’s one of the toughest bosses for the sole reason that he’s so dramatically unpredictable and it’s almost impossible to know where he’ll pop up next. If he can be caught off guard with a powerful shot to the back of the head or chest, he should be tripped relatively easily, but catching him off-guard is an overwhelmingly difficult task.

3 Shuman

Shturman appears on Woods, one of the widest and most open cards out there Tarkov. He’s a weak boss when it comes to his HP count and armor value, but he’s remarkably powerful when it comes to his attacking abilities. He’ll spawn in one place, and only one place, which is a fact that makes him a little easier to deal with – or avoid altogether. It’s worth spawning in an offline raid and practice killing Shturman or any other boss.

Unfortunately, dealing with Shturman’s long range abilities is an absolute nightmare for inexperienced players, as he can kill a player without them ever knowing he was there. Additionally, its two guards are usually heavily armored and wield equally powerful weapons that can eliminate a target at amazing distances. If a player pushes close, they’ll be pelted with grenades, and if they try to fight back from long range, they’ll be hit by a counter snip. An extremely difficult situation for everyone involved.

2 the goons

The Goons are the newest bosses in Escape from Tarkov, and they’re equal parts awesome and terrifying. You are made up of three Special Forces soldiers, each with different gear and attributes. First, there’s Knight, a skull-wielding horror with 1,120 HP and the grueling ability to kill anything in one shot. Then there’s Birdeye, a crack sniper with a penchant for keeping a low profile from the action. Finally, there’s Big Pipe, a bearded, hulking individual who favors a rotating grenade launcher…

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When a player encounters The Goons, who can spawn on one of four different maps, an uphill battle awaits them. However, there are tactics that can be used well, but unfortunately they almost always require the player to be “noticed” by the trio. Ultimately, this group ticks all the boxes – close-range capabilities, long-range detection distances, and high-tech gear.

1 Gluchar

Glukhar is an insanely difficult boss found on Reserve, the military base-style map that’s also home to horrors like the Raiders. He is a soldier through and through, who has developed a strong bond with his followers, who are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect him. As if that wasn’t daunting enough, players will have to put up with the fact that Glukhar spawns with no fewer than six guards, all of whom can spawn with high tier gear.

However, it doesn’t end there. A highly skilled soldier, Glukhar is a top marksman and can spawn with a weapon that can “tap once” any player. In addition, his followers can take up positions atop powerful mounted weapons, and as a group they can often spawn in one of four locations without warning. They are able to lock onto a target almost instantly, and they kill anything without prejudice.

Escape from Tarkov is currently available on PC.

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