Finals 5: Survive! Download 3.1.3 .APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) for android

Final 5 Survival 3.1.3 .APK MOD Unlimited Money Download for android

Finals 5: Survive! Download .APK MOD for Android

you can download latest version of Final 5: Survival! Mod .APK file for Android
Play store id = com.ifun.Final5

Finals 5: Survive! Information

Version 3.1.3
Developed by Camel Games, Inc
Size 96 MB
Uploaded by
update 2023-01-17T13:14:19,000Z
Mandatory APP 5.1
Download total 100,000+

What’s new?


Total votes: 4.3

Finals 5: Survive! Download 3.1.3 .APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) for android Final 5 is a fast-paced action, shooting, melee, time-survival, adventure, fun RPG with roguelite and roguelike elements.

With nowhere else to run or hide, survival is your only goal.

Join the action here today!


href=” or search for “Final 5”


Tik tok…5 MIN….Tik tok….Can you save the world in just 5 MINUTES? All you can do is try to survive and defeat the boss or die trying to give humanity a second chance.

You have to fight like there’s no tomorrow!
• One-handed 2.5D survival gameplay
• Short, fast and casual play sessions for busy players
• 2 main game modes: easy and hard mode
• Fierce battles against powerful bosses
• Each hero has its own abilities and skills
• Upgrade weapons to deal more damage
• Items drop randomly and power up throughout the game
• Various power-ups and upgrades to unlock as you progress in the game

The world is currently filled with countless mutants, zombies and aggressive robots, and their goal is to wipe out all of humanity! It’s up to you, our hero, to save the world!

Many challenges lie ahead of you, but don’t worry, the Clockwork system will assist you in your quest to save humanity from destruction! Use the Clockwork system to go back in time, correct mistakes, improve your tactics and weapon combinations, and take your shot to save the world again!

There are different classes of heroes that will join you in this epic adventure in Final 5. You can choose to be a core hero or a tank hero like Archer, Warrior, Samurai, Assassin or Become an eccentric hero like Rockstar, Cyborg, etc. Other heroes are waiting for you to unlock.
Do you equip yourself with a bow and arrow and become the greatest archer? Or equip yourself with pure muscles to become the ultimate tank hero?

Choose to use deadly weapons like bows, shotguns, plasma mines and katanas OR defend yourself with everyday items like UV Lights, Cue sticks, and electric guitars. You can even fight the mob by performing Hadouken; The possibilities are endless! Play with bows, heavy bows with heavy projectiles, crossbows, guns or other exotic weapons. Upgrade through battles, combine and strengthen different skills, and fight your way to the strongest!

The world is on the verge of destruction.
A few months after the outbreak of the disease, the Tower of Tusten became the last refuge of mankind.
However, a wave of zombies and other mutant creatures broke through the defenses and attacked the building.
The fortress has been lost, and a hiding place is no more.
You have no choice but to retreat to the roof.
But before it was overrun by waves of the undead, the Clock System, a prototype on your wrist, was activated.
Time goes back quickly, and Tusten Tower returns to its original state as it was 5 MINUTES ago.
Armed with nothing other than the Clockwork System and your trusty bow and arrow, you now have 5 MINUTES to save the world!

In the future, we will try to bring you more game modes including multiplayer game mode for you and your friends to fight together.
Share your fighting gameplay style with us on our social networks – play as a strong archer, damage hero or tank hero, we’d love to hear from you! your opinion!

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