Fire Na’vi in ​​Avatar 3?! James Cameron Must Troll Now

James Cameron to introduce fire Na’vi Avatar 3and it’s hard to see it as anything more than a troll in the discourse between avatar and Avatar The Last Airbender. Since M. Night Shyamalan The last Airbender Had to change the title to avoid confusion with James Cameron’s avatarThere was considerable rivalry between the two franchises. Duration avatar became the highest-grossing film in history, Avatar The Last Airbender It probably offered much more originality than Cameron’s film and was repeatedly criticized for being derivative and fraudulent.

Strangely enough, James Cameron approves of the new villains. Avatar 3 takes franchise competition to a whole new level. While on Nickelodeon Avatar The Last Airbender It has grown tremendously as a franchise over the years, including a number of Netflix projects set for the 2020s. avatar The franchise has been largely dormant before. Avatar: The Way of Water. As such, the debate over the name “Avatar” is heating up, but Cameron’s sequel Na’vi revolves around water, just like how Avatar The Last Airbender includes waterbenders, only more comparisons between the two. It is doubtful that this was intentional, but now another parallel is emerging Avatar 3.

Avatar 3’s Ash People Copy The Last Airbender’s Fire Nation

Therefore Avatar 3 will do more comparisons Avatar The Last Airbender Because of the “Ash People”. Ash People Avatar 3 will be the fire-based Na’vi who serve as the enemy, and with the series’ current head-to-head history Avatar The Last Airbenderdraws obvious parallels with the hostile Fire Nation. Granted, the two are different in the sense that James Cameron wanted to show that not all Na’vi are good, but the addition still feels very on the nose. Given the well-known division between avatar and Avatar The Last Airbenderit sounds like James Cameron’s idea of ​​fire Na’vi is trolling the latter at this point.

However, the parallelism is probably nothing more than a coincidence. James Cameron is developing avatar Since 1994, 11 years ago Avatar The Last Airbender its premiere took place in 2005, so it is clear that the director was working on his film long before the cartoon. Many similarities between James Cameron’s avatar and Avatar The Last Airbender It’s definitely notable, even more so because avatar forced The last Airbender to change his name, but from Cameron’s point of view it was certainly unintentional.

Major Similarities Between James Cameron’s Avatar and The Last Airbender

Similarities between James Cameron’s avatar and Avatar The Last Airbender It may be a coincidence, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are many of them. In addition to franchises that share similar names, both stories feature themes of people who share spiritual bonds with each other and the world around them. Both stories feature powerful gods who take care of their people. avatarEywa and The last Airbenderfrom Raava. Avatar: The Way of Water He amplifies this comparison by implying that Kiri’s father is Eywa, which can draw parallels to Nickelodeon’s. Legend of Korra It reveals that the Avatar was born from Raava’s bond with Wan.

Other parallels can be drawn between the two franchises from the Na’vi themselves. Water-based Metkaina inside Avatar 2 and the People of Ash inside Avatar 3 mirror of waterbenders and firebenders Avatar The Last Airbenderand Omaticaya are even comparable to airbenders because of their sky-based culture. The fact that Jake had learned the methods of two different Na’vi cultures was similar to the Avatar’s need to learn all kinds of yawns, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually had to learn the Ash People’s methods as well. There are many similarities to draw between both franchises and James Cameron’s. Avatar 3 Undoubtedly, this will take it even further.

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