Fruit Clinic Mod APK 0.3 (Unlimited money) Download for Free

There are tons of simulation games nowadays especially in the Google Play Store. These are popular because they usually present a unique gameplay and enjoyable time for everyone. Whatever it is you’re looking for; you can enjoy simulation games!


One of the most unique and interesting simulation games nowadays is Fruit Clinic. In this game made by Lion Studios, you get to tend to fruits that need your immediate care. They each have unique problems that you need to heal! Depending on the patient, you may need to operated them to get rid of worms or to get their baby out. Overall, this is a new and interesting concept that definitely sparked interest among many.

Introduction to Fruit Clinic

Simulation games are everywhere nowadays and for a good reason. They are the talk of the town because they present interesting and incredible gameplays. One of the best simulation games right now is called Fruit Clinic. This epic game was made by Lion Studios which is also responsible for other hits such as Clue Hunter and Just Draw.


But this particular game of theirs has garnered over a million installs! The premise is simple – heal all the fruits that come into your clinic. Each fruit and vegetable patient requires different healing and operations. You need to correctly do you job in order to get paid! Of course, you need to make the fruits and vegetables happy as well. Become the best fruit clinic in the whole world! Can you do it? 

Features of Fruit Clinic

 Fruit Clinic is one of the most unique and best simulation games from Lion Studios right now. In here, you get to be a doctor for fruits and vegetables! Here are its features:

Plenty of fruits and vegetables – We’ve all probably saw or played hospital or clinic games before. In this day and age, they’re common in the mobile gaming community. But have you heard of fruits and vegetables as patients? If you just imagined that they would be extremely cute, you’re right! Fruit Clinic is a simulation game that allows you to treat different vegetables and fruits as patients. They each have their own sickness which you need to operate. In here, you’ll encounter different fruits and vegetables such as squash, apple, strawberry, mushroom, watermelon, coconut, carrot, beans, eggplant, and many more! 


Different tools and equipment – As you treat more fruit and vegetable patients, you’ll get to unlock more tools and equipment for your clinic! You’ll unlock different scalpels, cottons, scissors and more! You’ll also get to revamp your clinic and add more useful equipment such as an x-ray, syringe, lancelet and more! This will allow you to get more patients and earn more money as a doctor. Be the best fruit clinic around and show the patients that you’re a professional!

Surreal Graphics – Although you’ll be operating a lot in Fruit Clinic, the graphics are suitable to the theme. In here, you’ll be operating on various fruits and vegetables. Depending on the patient, you may need to remove worms from them, clean them, and re-stitch them. These are all delicate work so you need to master it quickly to make your patients happy! The happier patients, the more money!


Intuitive controls – In here, the controls are as easy as it gets. You only need to swipe and drag the screen for certain actions. There’s a tutorial at the beginning so there’s not much to know. Aside from that, the game gets pretty repetitive.

Fruit Clinic Mod APK – Unlimited money

Fruit Clinic is a unique and interesting game that allows you to heal fruits and vegetables! Download the latest version now.

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