Garena Contra Returns Mod Apk + OBB Data

Garena Contra Returns Mod Apk: Do you remember the code for KONAMI’s secret? The contra you know and love is back after 30 years! This classic mobile title, Contra Returns has been published by Garena in collaboration with Tencent Timi and KONAMI (a Japanese video game company).


Contra: Return is a classic side-scrolling shoot-em-down mechanic. The unique Alien Boss playstyle appears for the pass series. Each scene and the music capture the original title’s atmosphere. All new HD Graphics, 3D Character models, and a brand new visual experience. The PVP mode, with its unique heroes and pet system, will instantly ignite your passion! Let us unite and fight for the good of all the earth with the Legendary Hero Bill & Lance!

Download Garena Contra Returns Mod Apk

Outer Space

Planet Adventure’s new mode investigates the secrets behind Moirai

Galaxy Alice is a new and improved version that offers you a whole new set of challenges!

Planet Adventure

Discover the Planet, and discover the truth about Moirai

Star Origin: Powerful support DPS and tanker form to increase firepower

Star Energy Lab: Add a new bonus to your weapon

Red SS new series [Weapon Rank Upgrad] Red SS is now available in Orange and Gold SS

[Ice thrower Weapon Upgrade] A weapon that focuses on damage and debuff

Battle Armor that can be fused with extraterrestrial technology!

Let&’s play now!

Garena Contra Returns Mod Apk

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