Grim Soul Mod APK v4.6.0 (Mega Menu, Free Craft, Money) Download

Grim Soul Mod Menu APK (Free Craft, Money) is a free role-playing survival game for mobile phones. A fantasy world full of dangers and monsters is waiting for a brave person to explore.


If you are someone who has played through survival games. Surely, the skills of survival, saving and finding resources, protecting your territory are very good. And if you are someone who has played through classic role-playing games, ie knife, sword, shield combat,… Your fighting skills must also be very good. But if there is a game that requires the player to have both skills at the same time. That is certainly a huge challenge. Even for those who are new to the genre for the first time or for longtime players. Grim Soul is such a game. Are you ready to bring all your talents, to survive in that world?

This game is developed by Kefir Games. They are a team dedicated to the development of survival role-playing games. Their products are admired by many people such as Last Day on Earth: Survival, Frostborn: Coop Survival,… Now Grim Soul game follows the previous products and is welcomed by players. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The game has proven its appeal.


This is a familiar opening game scene. Lots of game developers have taken advantage of it. However, until this point, it has not ceased to be attractive. A land that once prospered, the Plaguelands. But now the land is dead. Most of the people were turned into lifeless corpses. Resources are scarce, trees wither. Besides, there are countless ferocious monsters circling the land. Are you not seeing me mention why the land became like that? Of course, I can, but this is your duty.

You are an ordinary person released to a location on the land. It’s your job to survive here. Besides, you can also go to learn the history of the land, explore dungeons, ancient castles. Moving between lands requires energy consumption. And they can’t be restored immediately, so take note of the energy so you can go home after completing the quest.


You start with empty hands. From here you have to look for resources such as wood, stone, food, water,… Once you have the necessary resources, you have to create tools and items for everyday use. Such as swords, axes, armor, or even crafting tables, wardrobes,… The manufacturing system is designed with a variety of designs. You can find most of the essentials for survival here.

Once you have all the essentials you need, then you need to go to a shelter for yourself. Life in this land is extremely harsh, and the monsters are always lurking to attack you. Or the other players, they are also alive, when it comes to the end or they simply don’t like you. They can attack your house at all times. So build a solid home, protect your property safely.


Just like many other combat role-playing games. The number of types of monsters in this game is extremely diverse. They are common zombies, dead warriors, or extremely powerful generals,… Each of them has different parameters, fighting ways. Be careful otherwise you may get a surprise raid by them. In addition, your items have the same durability, your backpack is also limited. Please calculate carefully, take advantage of all the weapons you pick up to fight in order not to deplete your main weapon. Arrange weapons, armor, food, medicine properly so that the bag is not full. Because every fight you win you will have to pick up the loot from them.


In this world, you are not the only one who exists, there are many friends who coexist. You can talk to other people to learn about themselves, about the land. Or exchange resources. But please note that not everyone has goodwill. They can stab your back as soon as you don’t pay attention to steal your stuff. Of course, you can also do the opposite of them if you want. Also, joining a group will increase your chances of survival. At least the team members won’t stab each other’s back. And maybe they will help you survive.


The game is designed with a top-down perspective. This is the most favorable angle for a survival game. With it, you can overview a little bit around you, including behind. It helps you spot enemies stabbing behind your back, and exploring the land will become easier. The game graphics are designed in extremely detailed 3D. From your characters, items, to monsters, buildings,… All details are covered with dark colors. It is clearly shown that this is a post-apocalyptic land.


As introduced, this is quite a difficult game. It will not be suitable for a player who is new to the genre for the first time. However to be able to help you experience the game more easily. We provide Grim Soul MOD APK. The modified version removes some of the game’s mechanics, making it easier for you to explore the world even if you are an extremely amateur player.


The game is currently available for free on Google Play. If you want a true survival game with the same difficulty, download it on Google Play to support the developer. And if you want an easier life, please come to us. If you have any difficulties or questions during the installation and experience of the game. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section of the post.

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