GTA 6 gameplay leaked online. Probably the biggest leak in Rockstar history » Download best games and apps for android free

On September 18, about a hundred gameplay videos of the sixth part of GTA hit the Internet. All this is the work of a GTA Forums user with the nickname teapotuberhacker. The authenticity of the videos was confirmed by industry insider Jason Schraer.

The user who posted the video reports that the gameplay was recorded on an early version of the RAGE engine. Apparently, this is an alpha version of the game, as there are fragments of digital code and some interface elements on the screen.

The content of the video in the picture resembles the fifth part of the series, but with improved detail. Most of the videos are dated 2020-21, so we can say that what was shown is an early build of the game.

Rockstar has already begun work to remove leaked videos, but the Internet remembers everything. You can download the videos here. There is also a version edited into one video, it can be downloaded here.

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