Hero Masters: Super power game Apk Mod for Android [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

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Download Hero Masters: Super power game Apk MOD

Game Introduction

Hero Masters is a single-player game in which you will have a real fight with the city villains! Dive into the fantasy world, unlock and develop special skills, and defeat monsters to save the world.

This is not just a first-person shooter, but a full-fledged strategy in which you have to properly manage resources, unlock new characters and superpowers in order to clear the world from monsters.

Main Features:

Core Mechanics

This is not just a shooter, but a full-fledged dynamic strategy in a fantasy world with a third-person view. Your character is a superhero, destined to cleanse the world of evil.

After a little tutorial, you will choose characters and path to follow. Assemble a squad, select your gear, and set out to save the world!

Along the way, you will face opponents and fight them. You have a real fight with evil, which will take place in semi-automatic mode. You can simply watch the battle or use your super power to win.

Saturated world

This game will definitely appeal to fans of studying game lore and characters! You will see a truly live world with its own plot and memorable heroes waiting for the battle with city villains.

Go through the storyline, complete daily tasks, develop a squad and explore the world – in this game it is really live and complete. For example, most of the time you will have to travel between different planets and clear them of monsters with the help of your superpowers.

Convenient controls

You can play Hero Masters even one-handed. All battles take place in semi-automatic mode with auto-attack. All that is required of you is to use superpowers and properly assemble a squad.

Properly manage resources and select the right members for the group – this will help to defeat the villains and save the world!

Detailed tutorial

The game is perfect for beginners of the genre! At the very beginning, a detailed training is provided, which is also the start of the storyline.

Get to know the main characters and show the monsters who the real superhero is.

Lots of room for development

The game has many options of development. You can select and upgrade squad members, invest in equipment, and buy missing items in the store. Do not forget that the hero super power is one of the main aspects that affect the gameplay.

A lot of heroes and allies

There are more than 60 characters in the game. Each of them is a superhero with his or her own story. The game will definitely not let you get bored – gather all the characters in a squad and hit the road to save the world.

You don’t have to go into fights alone, because there are also summons in the game – recruiting allies. Don’t forget to take them with you to increase your chances of success.

Super power

  • Each character has special skills that help them defeat their opponents. This is called “super power” – the main mechanic that depends on each character and helps the squad survive.
  • Each superhero has individual skills combine them correctly within the squad to increase efficiency.
  • Unusual enemies and fights with villains
  • Another feature of this fighting simulator is the number of rivals. You will fight unusual monsters and beasts. Each of them requires an individual approach to win.
  • To win this game, manage your resources and assemble squads as the super power of certain heroes is best against certain villains.

Hero Masters is a unique game which includes elements of strategy, MMORPG and fighting. The fight with villains waits for you – save picturesque planets and worlds from the incoming threat.

How to Download Hero Masters: Super power game Apk:

To download the app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Download button after reading game’s overview
  2. Download file will be generated within few seconds, just wait a moment
  3. Now you need to tap Download button again
  4. Now download will start via your browser downloader
  5. Now you may see a confirmation window popping up after download ends.

How to Install Hero Masters: Super power game Apk Mod:

Before opening downloading file from your phone storage follow these steps below:

  1. Check for unknown sources installation by going to your phone’s settings and Privacy. Enable Unknown Sources Installation option if find it disabled
  2. Newer Android phones have this option of Unknown Device in the settings of Browsers.
  3. Now select the Apk or Mod apk file of Hero Masters: Super power game from your download directory.
  4. Simply open it and tap on Install
  5. Installation will finish soon. Depending on your phone’s specifications, large-size games installation may take time
  6. After installation of Hero Masters: Super power game Apk Mod, you can simply open the app and use

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