How to Defeat AI Sada in Pokémon Scarlet

Pokémon Crimson Players will finally meet Professor Sada when they enter the Zero Zone in the Great Paldea Crater for a rescue mission, but the meeting ends in battle after shocking events. Trainers must take not only the Professor but also the ancient Paradox Pokémon roaming throughout the Great Crater, along with the friends they have made in their adventures in the new region. as in the past Pokémon games, players will have to save the area together with their friends. But defeating Professor Sada may be the toughest challenge the trainers will face on their journey.

In Field Zero, its location Pokémon Scarlets Edition-exclusive Paradox Pokémon, players must find Professor Sada first to save him from the research lab. Paldea’s ancient Paradox Pokémon will stand in the way of reaching him, and the trainers will need to defeat them to save the Professor. But when he finds Sada in his lab, he reveals that his form is only an AI, and that the real professor passed away in an accident involving the lab’s time machine years before the player’s rescue mission. After these events, AI Sada’s last wish is to destroy the Professor’s time machine, resulting in a battle of wills against the AI ​​and its team of ancient monsters.

AI Sada’s Team Overview

Leader with Slither Wing, one of the best Bug-type Pokémon Red and Violet, AI Sada’s team of Paradox Pokémon is definitely one of the toughest teams players will encounter in their adventures in Paldea. Comprised of the previously mentioned Slither Wing, as well as Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Sandy Shocks, Brute Bonnet, and Roaring Moon, Sada’s team is devastatingly versatile with a few consistent weaknesses.

Therefore, instructors who don’t have substantial type coverage on their teams may have a hard time getting past the professor’s likeness. Fortunately, AI Sada doesn’t implement any particular combat strategy, so defeating it will require players to think carefully about which Pokémon and moves will be most effective.





Slippery Wing

Level 66


Fire, Flying, Psychic, Fairy

fluttering mane

Level 66


Ghost, Steel

Scream Tail

Level 66


Ghost, Poison, Steel

Sandy Shocks

Level 66


Grass, Water, Soil, Ice

Rough Bonnet

Level 66


Fire, Insect, Flying, Fighting, Poison, Ice, Fairy

The Roaring Moon

Level 67


Bug, Fighting, Ice, Dragon, Fairy

How to Beat AI Sada’s Team

AI Sada’s team has a noticeable 3x weakness against Fairy-type Pokémon Red and Violet, also an equal weakness against Ice-type monsters. Also, Paradox Pokémon team are 2x weak against Fire-, Bug-, Ghost-, and Steel-type moves.

With six core weaknesses and various move sets to counter them, the most effective way to take down Professor’s old Pokémon is to target them with super-effective hits whenever possible. Sada’s Roaring Moon is the most defensive Pokémon on her team, but a strong Fairy-type move can easily single-shot the 4X weak Dragon- and Dark-type, leading the player to victory.

How to Defeat AI Sada’s Koraidon

After the Trainers successfully defeat AI Sada, they will initiate the Heaven Protection Protocol and send the legendary Pokémon Koraidon into battle. However, this battle is mostly scripted and the only way to defeat Sada’s Koraidon is to dispatch the player’s own legendary companion. The opposing Koraidon has an alternate set of moves, including Hyper Beam, so after just a few turns he will nearly knock out the player’s own Koraidon.

At this point Arven, Penny and Crimson and Violet relatable opponent Nemona will encourage trainers to terrace transform their legendary Pokémon and use the Tera Blast move, resulting in a super-effective hit against AI Sada’s Koraidon Pokémon Crimson.

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