How to Defeat Gym Leader Katy (Rematch)

Pokémon Crimson and Violet Players can challenge Gym Leader Katy for a post-game rematch, but the Bug-type specialist has improved his combat style with significantly stronger Pokémon, new team members, and new moves since his first battle with gym opponents. While Cortondo Gym is one of the first gyms for new trainers to enter, Katy doesn’t back down in her rematch with Paldea’s newest Champion. Playing to the strengths of her insect-type partners, Katy will likely surprise players with some new strategies. To defeat him, trainers will need to use the most effective moves and monsters.

To start Pokémon Scarlet & Violets After the game, players can re-match each of the eight gym leaders in the Paldea region. While this is nothing new to the series, inviting the gym leaders to a rematch serves the story well by providing the region’s latest champion an opportunity to showcase their team’s true strength. Tasked with completing these so-called “gym checks” by Pokémon League Top Champion Geeta, the biggest incentive for trainers to beat each gym leader once again is to then participate in the Academy Ace Tournament. Players must rematch all eight gyms to participate and win, starting with Gym Leader Katy.

Katy’s Team and Weaknesses

Named the easiest gym leader Pokémon Crimson and Violet, Katy definitely takes advantage of the opportunity to redeem herself in a rematch at Cortondo Gym, so trainers should come prepared to fight a team of new and improved Bug types, including two additional monsters inside that the gym leader doesn’t use. first gym battle. Katy’s team, consisting of Lokix, Forretress, Heracross, Spidops, and Ursaring, has the ability to both punch and distract. Leading with Lokix, the gym leader will start strong with the Sucker Punch, a primary Dark-type move with a base strength of 70. Defensive Insect/Steel type along with his tough ability.






Level 65


Fire, Flying, Stone, Insect, Fairy


Level 65




Level 65


Fire, Flying, Psychic, Fairy


Level 65


Fire, Flying, Rock


Level 66

Normal (Bug Tera type)

Fire, Flying, Rock

How to Beat Gym Leader Katy Again

Best Fire-type Pokémon Red and Violet The Gym Leader will gather the most heat in this rematch against Katy, especially when battling her Rook. However, the Insect-type specialist will also have a hard time standing up to Flying and Rock-type monsters, leaving players with many options to take down their team. Beating Katy with her efficient type coverage can be easy for many coaches. While keeping in mind that Katy’s top Pokémon, Ursaring, is a traditional Normal-type monster with the Bug Tera type, challengers should be prepared to withstand powerful counterattacks such as High Horsepower and Play Rough.

In addition to applying type advantages, players can apply combat strategies to take down Katy’s fast Lokix and defensive Forretress. For example, trainers can increase their Pokémon’s respective speed and special attack stats by using a status move like Agility or Nasty Plot to bypass Lokix’s Sucker Punch while benefiting their team. Players can find Nasty Plot TM at: Red and Violet, this is a great move to set up a special attacker that will take down Katy’s Lokix first and then her fierce Fortress. Using clever strategies like this will help trainers beat Gym Leader Katy in a rematch and get them one step closer to qualifying for the Academy Ace Tournament in 2019. Pokémon Crimson and Violet.

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