How to Find (& Catch) Kecleon

To catch the Chameleon Pokémon Kecleon Pokémon GO, Pokémon Trainers must scour their local Pokéstop in search of a chance encounter. It was first introduced Pokémon Ruby and SapphireKecleon first appeared as an invisible obstacle that Pokémon Trainers could accidentally hit while traveling along Hoenn’s central and eastern routes. To catch Color Swap Pokémon Pokémon GOTrainers should watch out for similar obstacles in their travels, especially when visiting Pokéstops to pick up useful gear for catching and battling other pocket monsters.

Shapeless purple drop like Ditto Pokémon GOKecleon disguises Pokémon GOmakes it difficult to track. Fortunately, unlike Ditto, Kecleon doesn’t disguise as other Pokémon and instead blends into its surroundings, making it nearly invisible.

While this will make it extremely hard to find, Kecleon doesn’t actually appear in open-world encounters like most other Pokémon. Pokémon GO. Instead, it only appears in random Pokéstops, so Trainers have a chance to encounter any Pokéstops they encounter during their travels by researching them.

How to Find and Catch Kecleon in Pokémon GO

Trainers must interact with Pokéstops to catch Kecleon; here they often collect useful items like Poke Balls to catch. Pokémon GOs The Last Spotlight Hour Pokémon. However, when trying to spin a Pokéstop disc to collect items, Trainers may find they can’t. Instead, a pop-up window will appear indicating the presence of an invisible obstacle. This indicates that a Kecleon is attached to the Pokéstop, and Trainers may have already seen the outline of the pocket monster and the distinctive red zigzag stripe.

To trigger the match, Trainers must tap several times to force Kecleon to jump from the Pokéstop. It must then appear in the nearby upper world as a normal Pokémon encounter. Kecleon is currently relatively rare, so Trainers should try and use every trick they have on hand. Pokémon GOs Fruits to increase their chances. Kecleon does not evolve into another Pokémon, but its rarity and unique method of catching make it an exciting addition to Trainers’ Pokédex.

The rarity means Trainers will likely have to travel a bit to look for Pokéstops. However, there are other options available for loyal Kecleon fans, including visiting Las Vegas next season. Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn event. Buying a ticket means Instructors can encounter Kecleon or even Shiny Kecleon, who are reported to be invisible elsewhere in the world for a while. However, again, this is probably only an option for a select few.

Alternatively, Trainers can rely on their friends to catch Kecleon. With the exception of a few non-tradable Pokémon, Trainers can trade the Pokémon with their friends, which is a great way to get Color Swap Pokémon. Pokémon GO.

Source: YouTube/Pokémon GO, Pokémon GO

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