How to get gold fast

Gold is one of two major currencies in MultiVersus, and it can be used to unlock new characters. This functionality makes gold extremely valuable, and players who want access to the entire list must earn it in bulk. For those fans trying to get an abundance of gold MultiVersusthis guide describes several sources that should be pursued together.

MultiVersus: How to earn gold fast

The fastest way to earn gold MultiVersus is to play against a friendwith both players paying attention toast each other after each game. In fact, fans of platformers get a 30% gold bonus when they team up with a friend, and the toast that follows the fight grants them an additional 20 gold. While this method requires players to have a companion to work with, the bonus gold it offers makes finding a partner a worthwhile endeavor.


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One thing to note is that players should not try to buy Toast in MultiVersus to facilitate the previously described approach to earning gold. This is due to the fact that each toast costs 35 gold when purchased outright, which is 15 gold more than earned when using one at the end of a game. Instead, players should check out the free toast available through the Battle Pass and character development paths.

On the topics of Battle Pass and character development paths, these also provide opportunities to earn gold quickly. Players should therefore make sure to level up their characters MultiVersus when they unlock them or when they become available through the free spin. Fans should also focus on completing their seasonal milestones and today’s missions, as this will lead to easy Battle Pass progression. There is gold that can be earned by multiplying career rank also.

The last way to make gold fast is Win a game every day, as the first win of the day earns an additional 200 gold. Undoubtedly, this is a significant amount, and MultiVersus Players trying to unlock characters quickly should try their best to make a profit every day. In particular, it can be easier to earn this daily win if you have a friend to play with, and it’s highly recommended that fans strive to team up with someone who also needs gold.

MultiVersus is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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