How to Have a Community Banquet in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

latest event for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight It adds a lot of flavor to the game. These world events have been loved by WoW players since Darkmoon Fayre and dragonfly It doesn’t disappoint, adding a host of new World Events to the Dragon Isles, including the new Iskaara Community Feasts.

These events are completely optional and are outside of the main campaign or story. dragonflyThey’re great fun, and perhaps more importantly, one of the best ways to enhance the relationships that exist with Tuskaar in the Dragon Isles. These feasts take place exactly every 3 and a half hours in the center of Iskaara, in the southwest corner of Azure Span. Players in Iskaara will receive a notification 15 minutes before the event starts, so it’s easy to catch.

The main benefit of the banquet is that it provides a relatively easy and simple way of building reputation with Iskaara Tuskaar. Building reputation has always been difficult. Wow, faction quests eventually run out, which slows reputation gains to a crawl. Community banquet offers a solution to this problem and allows players to maximize their reputation relatively quickly.

The only trick is that players must have reached Celebrity 3 with Iskaara Tuskaar even to be allowed into the event. There are enough quests in Iskaara that can earn a reputation for accomplishing this, but it can still be a bit of a pain. The biggest hurdle will be to get the 2500 reputation needed to reach the first Prominent level and unlock new quests from Tuskaar village. Player’s best bets, of Dragonflight main story and earn a reputation this way and they should eventually get to the required level. The advantage of all this work is that once the feast is unlocked, all characters in the player’s account will be unlocked, regardless of level or reputation.

Once the required reputation level is reached, players can talk to Chef Big Nook in Iskaara to join. The chef will ask you to help him make his soup for the feast and will give you various tasks for this. Each mission completed by players will gain a net 25 reputation with Iskaara Tuskaar and there are plenty of them available, so players should make sure to do as many as possible.

Specifically, an NPC named Pleeqi, which can be found near the soup, will give a weekly reward to those who complete 5 of the quests, so players must make sure they complete at least 5 of the quests. Completing this weekly quest will net you the Supply-Loaded Soup Pot item, which will grant you a massive 500 Iskaara Tuskaar reputation points, as well as various rewards, including one of the Great Feast recipes, the Gral’s Reverence recipe. Kalu’ak.

at the end dragonflyIn the Community Feast event, players can eat the soup they helped make to receive a buff called Spirit of Sharing, which provides some Versatility and heals the player character when they kill an enemy. Also, completing enough quests to bring the soup to Legendary status will trigger the spawn of a rare mob called the Bisquis, which can only be looted once a day. Bisquis will be useful for players in the culinary profession as it releases a collection of rare reagents. Players who kill Bisquis will also be awarded the Revenge of the Remainder achievement, which comes with a transmog for wand weapons that allows players to display Big Kinook’s Spare Dipper as a reward for ending the event.

Overall, the Community Feast is a great, easy event to attend, with some pretty great rewards attached to it, but also great fun and a welcome break from the busier aspects of the game. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Players can check if the event is running by checking the map and looking for a horn symbol in Tuskaar village that indicates the event has started. The “Weak Aura” mode and other similar viewing modes could be another way to watch ongoing world events.

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