How to Obtain Arbalest Crossbow

The Arbalest is the first crossbow available. valheimbrings a new style of play to the game. Despite loading slower than a bow, Arbalest fires an arrow in a straight line without the stamina cost, making it a great addition to the Mistlands update. Players can craft a powerful weapon in their arsenal by matching the Arbalest with the correct bolts.

Players generally cannot craft Arbalest in upgraded versions. valheim Tattoos Instead, they have to use a Black Hearth. To build Black Forge, players need 10 Black Marble, 10 Yggdrasil Wood and 5 Black Cores. Players can then use a Hammer Tool alongside the Workbench to craft the Black Forge. This forge helps create Mistlands-specific items, including the Arbalest and all available bolts.

Crafting the Arbalest in Valheim

It takes 10 Wood, 8 Iron, and 4 Roots to craft the Arbalest in a level 1 Black Forge. At level 1, the crossbow weighs 1.5, Stamina 50, Pierce and Stagger 200, and Pushback 210. This is 50 less Stamina than the Finewood Bow in Valheim, but more than six times the Piercing and Concussion. Comparing Arbalest to springs involves considering time, durability and damage. Bows can fire more arrows over a period of time, but the Arbalest (and possibly any future crossbow) will always beat bows on damage, given the reload time.

Obtaining the necessary materials for both Arbalest and Black Forge can be difficult for some players. The first one requires simpler materials, as players can get wood from basically anywhere. Roots are some of the loot dropped from Abomination enemies in the Swamp, while Iron can be melted down from Iron Scraps, one of the best items in the Swamp. valheimSwamp biome. Meanwhile, the Black Forge requests supplies from the Mist Lands. Black Marble can be mined from Giant Relics, Black Cores can be obtained from Infested Mines and Yggdrasil Tree Yggdrasil shoot trees.

Just as players need to craft arrows for their bows, they need arrows for their crossbows. There are four types of bolts available: Bone bolts, Iron bolts, Blackmetal bolts and Carapace bolts. The lower this list, the better the bolt. All bolts can be crafted with the Black Forge, and almost all of them require 8 Woods to craft (except the Bone bolt, which uses 8 Bone fragments). All bolts also require farming feathers. valheim2. Per Bolt Players can combine Arbalest with Carapace bolts to explore the Lands of Mist with one of the following: valheim‘s most exciting new weapons.

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