How To Resonate Wacko In State of Survival?

State of Survival is a zombie apocalypse survival game where you have to protect your tribe of survivors from zombies while also training soldiers to fight back. There are many features in the game that you can use to your advantage to progress faster in the game. Resonating Heroes is definitely one such feature. Wacko is a Hero that you can Resonate with more powerful and higher-ranking Heroes in State of Survival. Find out which Heroes you can resonate this Hero with in the guide below.

How To Resonate Heroes With Wacko In State of Survival?


Wacko was the first Resonating Hero introduced in State of Survival. These Heroes do not need to upgrade their level, skill, Hero attributes, battle power, or rank. They can just copy the stats of the Hero that you resonate with them. However, Wacko can only Resonate with Heroes that are the same Hero Troop Type as him. He is an Infantry troop so you can only resonate him with similar Troop types. This leaves you with plenty of good options like Rusty, Chef, Nikola, Wolfe, Ash, Ernie, and Brooke among others.

While Wacko will imitate all attributes like level, skill, Hero attributes, battle power, and rank, he will use his own set of skills and not mirror those of the Hero that you have Resonated him with.

However, if you want to Resonate Wacko with another Legendary Hero, you will need Wacko fragments to unlock the advanced Resonate. You will need 100 Wacko fragments to unlock the advanced Resonate and can then Resonate him with any Legendary Hero of your choice. This process will have to be repeated if you want to switch the Legendary Hero that you have resonated with. While the first Resonate is free of cost, the next ones will cost you 50 extra fragments to switch between Legendary Heroes.

That is all you need to about how to Resonate Heroes with Wacko in State of Survival. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Use Plasma Core In State Of Survival?

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