Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK 1.1 (Dumb Bots, Unlimited Ammo/Traps)

Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK is the sequel to the horror puzzle game series from the publisher Ice Scream, which is being sought after by many people. A scary atmosphere and many mysteries are waiting for you to discover, are you confident that you will be the winner?

About Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK

Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK

If you are a lover of horror games, you must have heard of the name Ice Scream Friends. This is one of the most loved horror game series of all time. Seeing the game launch to the 5th part – Ice Scream 5 Friends is enough to understand how people love it.

Continuing the story of the previous seasons, talking about the perverted ice cream seller and his small friends – his prey. In this game, you will play the role of a kid who does not like to eat ice cream, so he has escaped an accident. However, this boy’s two friends were captured by the ice cream seller. In order to save his friend, the boy is determined to go to the lair of the perverted ice cream seller.

Exciting gameplay

In Ice Scream 5 Friends, you can choose to control one of the two main characters, Mike or J. To win this game, you save both people out and must connect with J or Mike to find them. Way out. In the process, you will encounter many difficulties, the last task even you have to defeat Rob to be able to get out safely.

Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK Download

The beginning of the story was an extremely dramatic scene. When you unlock the iron cage and help your two friends get out of the factory by going through the sewer, you are chased by the crazy Mini-Robs. Even worse, when the two friends got into the sewers, they didn’t lead to the street, but to different rooms in the factory. In the dangerous scene when the guy Rod is still scouring the place looking for them all, you must escape the robots, regroup with friends and get out of here as quickly as possible.

Giant ice cream factory

The interesting point of Ice Scream 5 Friends is that the upgraded map is much larger. It is noticeable that not only going through one or two rooms like previous times, this time you will really get lost in a giant ice cream factory with dozens of different rooms. The deeper you go, the more like a maze, a vicious circle with no way out. Fortunately, the rooms will have different features, helping you to find a way out based on that.

Character control

For the first time in this horror series, a new function is added: It is to transform the character of Mike or J right in the match. This is a novel attraction but also extremely difficult because anyone will be confused when constantly switching roles between two characters, in two different locations and spaces. But the more challenging, the more attractive, right?

Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK for Android

The operations and gameplay are still the same as the previous parts. Use the emulator keys on the screen to control the character to move, hold to solve puzzles and codes. An interesting point of Ice Scream 5 Friends is that the game has added a lot of minigames that are both attractive and creepy. Through these minigames, you will have the opportunity to discover Rob’s unhappy childhood – what contributed to creating his current pervert.


Ice Scream 5 Friends still does a great job of recreating a creepy, bloody scene that makes players tremble in this giant ice cream factory. The gloomy scene, the dim light make it easy for players to think of horror things. Huge ice cream factory with scattered ingredients, strewn cans of cans oozing liquid that can’t be syrup or blood, the creaking of machines, the footsteps of the horror Rob are reproduced perfectly. Especially the jumpscare of the ice cream salesman will make you scream with surprise.

Character design doesn’t seem to have too much of a change. The three main characters still retain their body and shape. However, the old man selling ice cream Rob has been upgraded to a crazier, more crazy part. The Mini-Robs robots move faster and have more numbers than the previous parts.

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