Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

‘Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15’ is in the minds of the reader after going through the series. And there is a very good reason for that. A lot of stories focus on a hero being chosen or passing the trials, but it has been done to death, and despite that, it still sees popularity.

This series is completely different in that regard, as the story is not that of the party of heroes going out to defeat the demon lord. When the first chapter opens, it shows us a party that had all the key members accept the warrior. It had an archer, a mage, and a healer.

The first two had clear appearances, but the healer was shrouded from the view of the reader. A young man joins the party after completing the trial to show his worth, and they go on a journey to defeat the demon lord. The party is instantly met with a golem, and everyone launches an assault on him. Except for the healer, his job is to heal, which he withheld doing, as he was the one who summoned the Golem.

Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15

CC: Is The Demon King A Healer Franchise

Is The Demon King A Healer? Chapter 14 Recap

Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 14 had one of the proud knights of the demon army asking that he be kicked from the demon army? He was one of the proud members of the military whom everyone looked up to and relied on when the situation was.

Though his character is simple, it is straightforward, with no sign of malice. The reason why the new demon king assigned him as one of his high-ranking knights. However, his news of leaving disturbed their army as he was not the kind of person to ask for such things.

The knight in question in the prior was met with an unstoppable force that beat him in a fair fight. It was one-sided, and yet it wasn’t lacking in honor from both sides. The knight wanted to have his life ended then and there, but the person in question refused to do so and instead asked him to leave the demon army. This worried the demon lord as he had no idea how to deal with an enemy this strong.

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Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15 Spoilers

Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15 would have had the assailant making his way to the castle of the new lord. The new demon lord has just been in his seat for a little while after dethroning the last demon lord.

Moreover, to ensure his reign, he made sure to control the side of humans as much as possible. He botched the hero selection process and led them to their early doom by his hand. However, things are not in control of him as the enemy keeps coming at him.

Things were about to get interesting, and the series would have hit off at a new height were it had continued. But alas, the author sends a notice to all the readers apologizing and expressing his grief for not being able to continue the series anymore.

Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15

CC: Is The Demon King A Healer Franchise

What is the release date for ‘Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15’?

‘Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15’ is currently on hold as per the author’s wishes. The series was aborted for time being due to the author having another commitment. That being he wanted to partake in a competition for new manhwa creators and that this series was a way to test his skills.

Where to read ‘Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15’?

‘Is The Demon King A Healer Chapter 15’ will be available to read on Webtoons when it resumes. You can read the chapters prior to the time being. You can also read about Choujin X Choujin. What does it mean? Well, the mangaka used to be an assistant of Hunter x Hunter mangaka. You can also read about Kingdom if you are looking for historical fiction.

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