JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Reveals His Most Creepy Monster Ever

In the latest translated chapters group Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure spin off Thus Spoke Rohan KishibeRohan reveals what might be the creepiest monster in the series, and it’s a figure many will find disturbingly familiar.

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe a little different from most jojo. Episodes normally involve Rohan telling a story, usually to his editor, but sometimes by having Rohan speak directly to the reader, breaking the fourth wall (as he does here). While Rohan still uses the Stand ability, Heaven’s Door, to solve most of the problems he’s faced in this series, his opponents are rarely Stand users themselves. Instead, they’re usually Stand-like monsters whose origins and abilities are completely unexplained. The question of how trustworthy Rohan is as a narrator certainly comes up as stories are often presented as Rohan telling a story, but monsters like this have little place in the world. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In the episode titled “Harvest Moon”, Rohan tells the story of the Mochizuki family for hundreds of years, each of whom died on the night of the Harvest Moon. Convinced that the only way for his family to survive is to spend the night watching the moon, the father forces them all to go out into the backyard, despite the many objections of the children, who have other things to do. They push through the night, fearing almost anything that could potentially cause death. As her family members begin to fall asleep, the college-age girl runs off to meet her boyfriend. That’s when the beast appears and follows behind, wearing a creepy patchwork bunny mask. But just as she is about to kill him with a hornet sting, her boyfriend proposes. As soon as the monster accepts, he gives up and says that he is “no longer a Mochizuki” and therefore can no longer meet his need. Her daughter is unaware of any of this, and the beast returns to the Moon by next year.

Rohan’s Encounter with the Rabbit in the Moon

In Japanese culture, it is common to see the shape of a rabbit hidden in the signs of the full moon, which is said to turn the rice into mochi (rice cake). The beast in the episode is clearly based on this legend, and the family surname Mochizuki has both “mochi” and the moon (tsuki, here as -zuki), confirming the connection. Perhaps one of the scariest aspects of this beast is that no one knows of its existence; The beast has been killing members of this family for hundreds of years without stopping, and there is no evidence that anyone can stop it. Even Rohan is not present in these events, so one cannot help wondering how he knew. as with many Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe the stories, the whole thing could be just a writing exercise for Rohan, or it could be a real event that he learned after the event. There is no way to know.

Whether this beast is real in the world Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ultimately irrelevant, but either way, this unknowable, unstoppable bunny man is definitely among the creepiest in the series out there.

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